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Ivete Sangalo speaks on “Mais Você” of rumors of rivalry with Claudia Leitte

This Tuesday morning (02/16) of carnival Ivete Sangalo was live on the program “ Mais Você “, presented by Ana Maria Braga on Globo, for an interview. In normal times, she would be in the electric trio, but this time it was not possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In order not to leave fans with nothing, she did a great live with Claudia Leitte entitled “ O Trio ” and this subject could not be left out of the agenda.

Claudia Leitte left a message for Ivete, giving praise and thanking the fans: “ We were born to serve people with joy. This is the main fact that connects us. We want to see these people happy smiles and soon we want to party for them, yes, to make them relax, that everyone is safe and healthy, because they deserve the best that we have. We only get the best of this life and we have to share the best , “she said.

Ivete Sangalo , then, returned the kindness: “ What a figure! She’s too funny, we had a lot of fun. It was a very special day, not only in the construction of the live, but when it comes to socializing, when we really want something, everything flows. We were together all these days mixing family, mixing music, and she has that good energy. I love you “.

Ana Maria Braga finally remembered the rumors of rivalry between the two and said: “ and put an end to all the gossip in the world ”, he released.

Although it is already clear that there is no rivalry between Claudia Leitte and Ivete Sangalo , the singer decided to reflect on this type of gossip. Does an end really exist?

“ I don’t think we put an end point because if there is a starting point, if there is nothing, there will be no end point. There is a desire for someone to say something. Not only in relation to me and Claudia, but also in relation to any individual and any human being “, he released.

She continues: “ There are people who have this need to distribute and perpetuate negative things about people they don’t even know… But like that, I think it’s our business, you are also a television woman and how many things are said to you respect that you have no idea and don’t even want to know? It’s what I’ve always done with my life, I don’t even want to know what they say. The more we are strengthened in our beliefs, the less it affects us “, she adds.

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