Murder of a Drug Trafficker in a Supermarket in Barraquilla

Murder of a Drug Trafficker in a Supermarket in Barraquilla Was Recorded on Video

The man, known as El Flaco, died after being hit with a firearm on several occasions. The cashier who was treating him was also killed in the attack.

On February 10, the buyers and workers who were in an Olímpica supermarket, located in Carrera 53 with Calle 82, north of Barranquilla, experienced a tragic event. An armed attack, Addressed to an ex-drug dealer who was doing his shopping there, he ended the life of the man, known by the alias of ‘el guajiro’, or ‘skinny’, and with the life of the cashier who registered the products purchased by that same man . In the last hours, through social networks and the media, the video of the exact moment in which Libardo de Jesús Parra González and Katherine Martínez lost their lives became known.

The video, recorded by one of the establishment’s security cameras, shows how Parra González was in front of Martínez’s cash register, while she passed product by product through the scanner to generate the final bill of payment for the guajiro’s purchases.

In a matter of seconds, in the lower left corner of the video frame, it is seen how a man, who covered his face with a cap, impacts the body of the ex-drug trafficker several times. Libardo de Jesús falls to the ground immediately, as well as, parallel to it, it is seen how Martínez, who immediately puts one of his hands on his chest, vanishes behind the cash register.

Panic seizes the people who were in the place who, for the most part, run to find a shelter to save their lives, or an emergency exit from the supermarket. The video, 15 seconds long, closes with a bleak shot of the place.Other images, also published on the internet, showed that, minutes later, Martínez’s colleagues try to help her, and they take her out of the place to take her directly to a hospital.

Although the investigations into the case are still in process, what is known, so far, is that Libardo de Jesús Parra González was linked to drug trafficking activities in the so-called Cartel de la Costa, and was deported from Venezuela in 2006 to later be extradited to the United States.

Parra González, known by the alias of ‘El Flaco’, served as head of security for Alberto Orlández Gamboa, alias el ‘Caracol’, leader of said criminal organization, and who pays 40 years in prison in the United States for charges related to drug trafficking.

According to the commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, General Diego Rosero, behind Parra’s murder there were four hit men: two who were outside the supermarket, and two who entered to monitor their victim.

“While alias ‘El Guajiro’ was doing the shopping in this supermarket, passing through the shelves, there was a person who was already observing him, he was monitoring him.We believe that they were waiting for him to leave the place and attempt against him on the public highway, it seems that their impatience gained them and a few moments before leaving when he was making the payment of his market is when they hit him and hurt him, but unfortunately he dies in a healthcare center ”, the officer revealed to the Zero Zone portal.

Martínez, for his part, had been working in the supermarket for three years, and although he fought for his life in an Intensive Care Unit, he died due to the severity of his injuries. The woman was working a night shift that would end at 1:00 am, when she was a victim of the violent acts.

The mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, who called a security council days after the attack, assured that, “Katherine Martínez’s murder cannot go unpunished. To his family, our hug in solidarity. And I ask the Barranquilla Police not to rest until I find their murderers. “

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