Brazil, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic of coronavirus covid-19 In the world, in the last 24 hours, it registered 876 new deaths from the disease and 36,473 new infections, with which the total number of victims already exceeds 592,000 and the number of cases is close to 21.3 million.

According to the bulletin released this Wednesday by the National Council of Health Secretariats (Conass), Brazil accumulates 592,316 deaths and 21,283,567 cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, in February of last year.

The numbers confirm Brazil as the second country in the world in number of victims by covid-19, surpassed only by the United States, and as the third in infections, after the United States and India.

Despite the fact that the figures have been falling for several weeks, the numbers for this Wednesday were again above the averages of the last days due to adjustments made by some states, which updated deaths and infections from several weeks ago that were dammed .

This Wednesday it was the southern state of Santa Catarina that updated its figures with cases from several weeks ago without registering, and ended up impacting the numbers throughout the country.

The average number of deaths in the last week stood at 531 a day this Wednesday, above the average of 454 deaths per day registered on September 10, when it fell to its lowest level in ten months (since November 13, 2020). ).

The current average number of victims, however, is one of the lowest in several months and is equivalent to almost a sixth of the measure on April 12 (3,124 deaths per day), when Brazil was at the peak of the second wave of the pandemic.

For its part, the average number of infections this Wednesday stood at 35,565 daily, more than twice that registered less than a week ago (15,053 cases per day on September 17) but far from that measured on June 23 (77,328 daily infections) .

The average number of infections jumped significantly due to the updates of cases made in recent days by states such as Rio de Janeiro -which included some 93,000 infections in one day-, but it is expected that in a week they will return to the low levels that they had been registering.

The slowdown that the pandemic had been registering until last week in the South American giant was attributed to advances in the vaccination campaign.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, as of Wednesday 142.6 million Brazilians had received the first dose of any of the covid vaccines and another 82.3 million had completed the immunization cycle.

In other words, in this country of 213 million inhabitants, about 67% of the population already has the first dose of the vaccine and almost 38.6% received the two doses or the single-dose vaccine.

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