An organized Santos fan calls for a vigil for Pelé’s health

An organized Santos fan calls for a vigil for Pelé’s health

La Torcida Jovem del Santos, one of the main organized fans of the Brazilian club in which Pelé was immortalized, called this Saturday a vigil for the health of the three-time world champion in front of the hospital in the that the famous 82-year-old ex-football player has been admitted since last Tuesday.

“Whoever is king never loses his majesty. La Torcida Jovem do Santos summons our associates, Santos in general and soccer lovers, to attend a vigil on Sunday in which we will demonstrate support and faith in the recovery of King Pelé,” according to the statement released by the important bar.

The fans of Santos, the club with which Pelé won 45 titles, including two in the Libertadores and two in the Intercontinental Club Cup, intend to gather in front of the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo for about three hours starting at 10:00 local time (13.00 GMT) on Sunday.

The vigil was called at a time when the whole world is paying attention to Pelé’s health since the man considered by many to be the best soccer player in the world was admitted to Albert Einstein to be treated for a respiratory infection, according to a medical bulletin released on Friday by Hospital.

Pelé has been going to the same hospital monthly for chemotherapy sessions with which he is treating a colon cancer that was diagnosed in September 2021 and his relatives assure that the new hospitalization is routine.

In the bulletin released on Friday, the hospital confirmed the treatment for the respiratory infection but clarified that the patient presents a “general improvement in his state of health” in response to the antibiotics he is being given.

Despite the reassuring messages from the ex-soccer player’s doctors and family, a version published this Saturday by the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper ensures that the three-time world champion is no longer responding to chemotherapy treatment, for which reason his doctors decided to suspend it and offer palliative care.

According to the São Paulo newspaper, the care offered only seeks to calm pain and shortness of breath, and comfort the three-time world champion.

Folha de Sao Paulo, however, does not cite any direct source and its version has not been commented on, confirmed or denied, by the doctors treating Pelé or by any of his relatives.

Pelé, who last October thanked his 82-year-old for being in better health, underwent surgery last year for a colon tumor that was detected during a routine battery of tests.

His health, however, has deteriorated in recent years also due to other causes, such as spinal, hip and knee problems, which have reduced his mobility and forced him to undergo surgery, as well as suffering from some crises. renal.

This has drastically reduced his public appearances, although he remains very active on social networks.

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