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Vaccinated VIP: Tense crossing of Cynthia García with Ernesto Tenembaum’s team

Cynthia García maintained a tense relationship with Ernesto Tenembaum and his team due to the scandal of the VIP vaccination program installed in the Ministry of Health that catapulted the departure of Ginés González García .

The former 6,7,8 panelist had defended Horacio Verbitzky after the journalist confessed that he had been vaccinated against the coronavirus outside the protocol, thanks to his friendship with the Minister of Health, who had to resign after the scandal.

“What I’m trying to put into consideration is the context and the reaction; the reaction was disproportionate to what I consider to be a serious event, “said García in dialogue with Tenembaum on the program And now who can help us? (Radio con Vos), and referred to “the public derision to which Horacio Verbitzky and those vaccinated who are over 70 years old are being subjected.”

“Horacio’s confession generated a shock wave of a disproportionate level of reaction . It seemed that the event was like José López’s handbags , ”García said in relation to the former secretary of Public Works of Kirchnerism who was discovered with $ 9 million when he tried to hide them in a General Rodríguez convent.

At that moment, the program’s economic columnist, Jairo Straccia , came out at the crossroads: “It seems to me that the event is more serious than López’s handbags. Someone who skips a shift because he is a friend of a minister is more unscrupulous because it is about saving his life. My reading is that the reaction is proportional ”.

The dialogue between the journalists was tense, but always in good manners. Then, García insisted: “To say that Verbitsky, by being vaccinated outside the protocol, has taken away someone’s life expectancy is a disproportionate proposition.”

“By disproportionate do you mean the dismissal of Ginés by the president?” Gustavo Grabia asked him.

“No, I did not say that, if you want to say something, say it, but ask me,” replied the journalist. “I am not referring to the dismissal of Ginés, over which the president had no alternative. It seems that due to the magnitude of the reaction those decisions were made ”, he completed.

“How did the president have no alternative? The president is above the emotions of the people of a country, ”Grabia replied.

“When I speak of a disproportionate reaction, I am not only speaking of asking Ginés to resign, I am speaking of the reflections that you are emitting. Vaccination outside of the protocol is a serious offense and it is wrong, it is fanned. And that generated a disproportionate reaction, I can understand that reaction. I invite you to reflect on what attitude we take towards a person who is 79 years old and who was in a position to request the vaccine, ”argued the journalist.

In that sense, Tenembaum wanted to intervene in the discussion and said that “the reaction to the serious event is personal”, and asked: “Raise proportionality when there is a serious event, how to measure that? Do you think it is the central axis? Or the central axis are the facts for a journalist?

“It is not one thing or another. Against this I think there is a disproportionate reaction. There is a sensitive chord of the punitive that was touched here. When one analyzes the reproach about something, this reproach has to be measured according to the damage, the sanction has to be proportional to the damage. The offense is serious but a homicide was not committed nor are López’s bags, ”García concluded.


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