How to know if your Application for asylum in the US is still Open

How to know if your Application for asylum in the US is still Open

The United States began to receive immigrants stranded in Mexico with an open asylum application since last Friday so that they can wait in the territory of the American Union for a response on this procedure.
This measure, ordered by President Joe Biden, builds hopes on the more than 70,000 undocumented immigrants who made said request and were returned to the Aztec country as part of the defunct Migrant Protection Protocol (PPM), also known as “Stay in Mexico.”For now, only the first 25,000 people in this situation will be received through border crossings enabled for the crossing of 300 immigrants a day.

One of the ways to find out if an asylum case requested through the PPM remains open is by entering the A-Number into the US government’s automated case information system.

If the answer is positive, it is important to go to the page to fill out a form where the A-Number, telephone and email are requested. Days after this registration, the applicant will be informed when they will have to appear at a preparation center to continue with their asylum process in the United States.

On the website of the United Nations Agency for Refugees in Mexico, it is reported that as of this Monday the toll-free number 800 283 2753 is enabled so that people without Internet access can clarify their doubts.

“Registration on the Conecta site does not guarantee the order of entry, since this will be in accordance with the criteria established by the corresponding authorities, based mainly on the date on which the person was registered under the MPP,” indicates a newsletter in the quoted portal.

Immigrants chosen to enter the US must first go through a preparation center where they will receive a medical check-up and also a Covid-19 test.

If you test positive for the aforementioned disease, it is mandatory to quarantine in Mexico until you are no longer a carrier of the coronavirus.

In the preparation center a photograph of the applicant will be taken, their documents will be reviewed and if everything is in order, they will be provided with the date of transfer to the border to enter the United States.

More than 10,000 Cubans have the possibility of being benefited with this program underway that is part of the immigration policies issued from the White House to reverse the measures that Donald Trump established during his administration.

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