A court will begin next Wednesday to try the policewoman who is detained accused of having tortured and shot to death in 2019 a couple from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Avellaneda to steal between $ 70,000 and $ 80,000 with which they planned to pay a trip to Disney for his daughter.

Sonia Rebeca Soloaga, who is serving preventive detention, will be tried before the Oral Criminal Court 7 of the Federal Capital as alleged perpetrator of the double murder of Alberto Antonio Chirico, 71, and his wife, María Delia Speranza, 63, committed on June 11, 2019 at his home on 3581 Eugenio Garzón Street.

The TOC 7, composed of the judges Gabriel Vega, Gustavo Rofrano and Alejandro Noceti Achaval, set the start of the debate for Wednesday and arranged another two hearings for the 19th and 21st of this month and it is most likely that, due to the pandemic, the hearings will be virtual, via an electronic platform.

The prosecution will be in the hands of the trial prosecutor Oscar Ciruzzi and the cause has as second defendant the by Then Soloaga’s boyfriend, the also Buenos Aires policeman Diego Alberto Pachilla, who is released from prison and is charged with the figure of “doubly aggravated cover-up.”

Both defendants were a couple at the time of the event and they worked in the 9C station of the City Police, force from which they were separated as soon as they were charged in this file.

Soloaga will be tried for “aggravated robbery for having been committed with a firearm in real competition with homicide criminis causa, repeated on two occasions, committed with a firearm and treachery, and false accusation”, crimes that provide the penalty of life imprisonment .

In his elevation to judgment, the prosecutor who investigated the case, Estela Andrades, took for granted that the event occurred on June 11, 2019, Between 12 noon and 2.30 pm, on the occasion of Soloaga, he entered the house on Garzón Street “taking advantage of the relationship he had managed to forge” with the marriage.

That address was close to the stop where, for months, the police provided their street services, and Chirico allowed the officer to use the bathroom and used to serve her coffee and meals.

Andrades said that Soloaga “drew up a plan to enter the house and get hold of cash -between 70,000 and 80,000 dollars in foreign currency and pesos-, belonging to the named Speranza and Chirico, exerting violence on them and by using a firearm, after which he killed those named with treachery, and in order to ensure their impunity ”.

The prosecutor stated that the victims “they were hit hard on their heads with rifle butts, which allowed him to obtain the money in question, which was hidden in different sectors of the house ”, among them “a box of milk brand ‘Verónica’, a box of ‘Cornstarch’ located in the cupboard, a plastic spout with two caps and a box of slippers”.

According to the prosecutor, the marriage was executed by Soloaga with a shot to the head each, “Applied from behind while they were defenseless face down”, for which he used a burgundy cushion as a silencer.

The key to linking Soloaga to the double crime was in a denounces that the accused herself made that June 11 in the afternoon at police station 7A, where She assured that they had assaulted her and stole 300,000 pesos in cash and her regulation weapon when she was driving her car through Flores, on her way to making a deposit to pay for her daughter’s 15th birthday trip.

Alberto Antonio Chirico and María Delia Speranza, the victims

Alberto Antonio Chirico and María Delia Speranza, the victims

What caught the attention of the researchers is that the same policewoman who used to cover the stop at the home of the murdered couple and who was related to them, had denounced that she was assaulted, that fired two shots -same number of 9-millimeter pods collected from the crime scene-, and that they had stolen the gun and 300,000 pesos in cash.

Also, when they inspected your vehicle, the police found 70,850 pesos stored in Soloaga’s uniform jacket and according to Andrades, it was a false complaint “With the purpose of covering his actions, and in particular to get rid of the pistol that was used in the commission of the crime.”

But Soloaga herself, in expanding her investigative statement, He confessed that the assault was a lie and he said that actually the gun and the 300,000 pesos He had lost them when he went to the bathroom of a service station, which for the prosecutor is “not very credible.”

According to Andrades, the possible motive for the double crime was the debt that Soloaga had to pay off in order to pay for the trip to Disney for the 15th birthday that her teenage daughter I was going to do it on July 14 of that year.

The company “Fun Time” reported that at the date of the events, Soloaga owed the sum of 6,021 dollars (276,000 pesos at the exchange of that date).

Prosecutor Andrades argued that “It is not at all credible” that Soloaga was able to save that money with his additional hours “Since it has been proven that in two years 109,728 was paid in this regard, that is, less than half of the total owed.”

As for Pachilla, the prosecutor argued that “having learned of the armed robbery and subsequent murder of the victims by whoever was the author of these (Soloaga), he decided to help her to avoid being discovered “ and, therefore, she sent him to trial for “aggravated cover-up”, although his defense believes that he will be acquitted because he cannot be charged with that crime if at the time of the event he was a partner of the other accused.

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