The victim was identified as Roberto Sabo; the neighbors summoned themselves and complained about the insecurity in front of the 2nd police station in La Matanza

A criminal couple murdered a 48-year-old kiosk when they tried to rob him in his shop, in the Buenos Aires town of Ramos Mejía , La Matanza district. After shooting him in the head , they fled with a stolen vehicle and motorcycle, although they were detained by police forces.

Upon learning of the incident, which occurred in the center on Avenida de Mayo, the neighbors called on themselves to demand justice for the victim, Roberto Sabo . They went to police station No. 2 in Ramos Mejía to continue the claim and demand the presence of Mayor Fernando Espinoza and the head of Buenos Aires Security, Sergio Berni .

With insistent horns and applause, they carried posters, blocked streets and even lit a bonfire last night to demand a concrete response from the officials.

Among the posters that stood out in the protest, you could read slogans such as “Enough of Zaraza” and “Massacre in the liberated zone.” Another banner read: “Something worse than a corrupt politician is a citizen who defends them.”

When Sergio Berni arrived, the people reacted with shouts and outrage. And they rebuked him. “Sorete”; “Assassin”; “Vende Patria” were some of the insults of those who demanded “Justice” in the place.

When the official arrived, people got out of control and caused a rampage at the entrance of the police station that the police officers tried to control. For his part, Berni tried to maintain a dialogue with those present without much success, since the neighbors were inflamed with a notable indignation. The situation was one of great violence and tension.

Also, there were songs against the mayor of La Matanza who still did not come out to speak about the case of Roberto Sabo. “Espinoza, let’s see if you realize that nobody loves you,” the neighbors intoned.

Criminals arrested

The criminals were arrested this Sunday while escaping in a vehicle that had been stolen, by armed hand, from a taxi driver in the area. During the persecution, they collided with a tree at the intersection of Saavedra and Alvear streets. To try to hide, they entered a supermarket with the intention of simulating some purchases and changing their clothes so as not to be recognized.

Members of the police station in charge were alerted to the theft of a motorcycle from a delivery man. So they started a bolt-action operation. Finally, they arrested the suspects on Avenida de Mayo and Rivadavia.

Police sources indicated that a witness informed the police that he observed the moment in which the murderer left the premises and escaped in a black Ford Focus. The driver of the stolen car stated that a couple stole his vehicle after intimidating him with a firearm.

The persecution was coordinated through real-time monitoring of municipal security cameras, which served to pinpoint the operation of the bolt.

The criminals were identified as Leonardo Daniel Suárez , 29, living in the city of Buenos Aires, and a 15-year-old teenager who lives in Fuerte Apache, whose identity is reserved because she is a minor. Between the two of them they had five cell phones, cash, a 22-caliber revolver with four intact sheaths, and one stocked.

The case was in charge of the prosecutor Federico Medone , of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) Thematic of Homicides of the La Matanza Judicial Department, who classified the fact as “homicide on the occasion of robbery”. He will be the one who investigates Suárez on Monday. While in the case of the girl, a prosecutor from the Juvenile Criminal Responsibility Court will have to intervene.

The father of the murdered kiosk: “They ruined my family”

The father of the murdered merchant, Pedro, said that he worked 40 years in front of that business and that, after retiring, it had been left in the hands of his son. With deep pain and broken in tears, he spoke with the press that was in the place. “I want to thank Alberto and Cristina, who harbor the jets, all the murderers, the thugs. And Guillermo Moreno too, ”he said, indignantly. And he added: “I never thought this was going to happen to me. They ruined my family. I can never live in peace again ”.

Who was Roberto Sabo, the kiosk assassinated in Ramos Mejía

Roberto Sabo

Roberto Sabo

Roberto Sabo, the newsstand killed this Sunday in Ramos Mejía, was 48 years old and the father of two children. He had taken over the premises on Avenida de Mayo y Alvarado, in the Ramos Mejía shopping center, a few blocks from Police Station No. 2, once his father retired.

He was a very loved person in the locality, as recalled by different people on the networks. After knowing the fact, multiple messages of support to the family and of outrage circulate over what happened.

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