María del Carmen Raquel Villanueva , better known as Pata Villanueva, is hospitalized in serious condition after having suffered a domestic accident at her home in Punta del Este, Uruguay. In dialogue with Flor de Equipo, the lawyer for the Alejandro Balbi familyacknowledged that the former model’s state of health “is critical and is at risk of life,” for which he implied that the next few hours will be decisive.

The blow Villanueva received caused several fractures, which led to his direct referral to the intensive care room of the private health facility in the department of Maldonado. Of the injuries he suffered, the most serious was to his head , for which he had to be treated immediately. For that reason, she underwent surgery in order to decompress the affected area and after the operation, the former model remains in a coma.

In this context, and after the pertinent procedures processed by the law firm Alejandro Balbi, his children Agostina Cavallero, Robertino Tarantini and Bernardita Tarantini traveled to Punta del Este , where the Cantegril sanatorium is located, where Villanueva remains hospitalized.

His children managed to enter the place, despite initially being denied entry, for not having been able to carry out the corresponding health quarantine. Uruguay is one of the Latin American countries that, within the framework of the coronavirus pandemic, has resolved to close its borders and keep them open only for Uruguayan citizens, residents or for very specific cases. “She arrived conscious at the sanatorium and later her situation became complicated. The boys are installed in their house in La Barra and they will do the corresponding quarantine and will receive the reports by phone ” , Balbi slipped with a worried tone about the moment his client is living.

As he explained to Teleshow this Sunday Dr. Elbio Paolillo, director of the clinic, the health of the former model “is a delicate product of the severe head trauma suffered.” The doctor said that as soon as he entered the sanatorium, Pata received the stitches to stop the bleeding and the superficial wounds were treated. However, after undergoing a CT scan, it was determined that she should be operated on immediately.

“He was diagnosed with a strong intercranial trauma of the subdural type. And this determined his immediate surgical intervention ”, explained the professional. And he said that the operation was carried out at dawn this Sunday, in order to alleviate the tension produced by the impact he received on the head.

Finally, Paolillo explained that Villanueva is in the Intensive Care Unit of the sanatorium, “waiting for his evolution.” But he noted that the condition was quite worrying, given that it is a 69-year-old patient and that her situation was “serious.”

Upon being notified of the accident, the children of the former model, Agostina Cavallero, Robertino Tarantini and Bernardita Tarantini, carried out the corresponding procedures at the Foreign Ministry to enter Uruguay, which due to the coronavirus pandemic closed its borders more than a month ago and it only allows the entry of Uruguayan citizens, residents or those who travel for very specific cases.

However, after arriving on a private flight to the Laguna del Sauce airport, Pata’s children approached the sanatorium where they were not allowed to enter because they had not carried out the corresponding quarantine. So first they decided to wait at the family home, but then they tried again to enter the hospital in the company of their lawyer , Dr. Alejandro Balbi.

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