Serious bites, cigarette burns, blows with blunt objects and deep scars are the autopsy report that the authorities practiced on the body of Lucio Dupuy, a minor of five years who died last Friday in La Pampa, Argentina.

According to the information revealed, the boy was taken to a local hospital that same day for Abigail Paez, the partner of his biological mother, in the middle of a picture of seizures and with signs of multiple trauma.

Everything, according to the woman, had occurred in an “alleged robbery” in which the minor had fallen.

However, the effects were so lethal that the minor died a few minutes after being admitted to the medical center.

Magdalena Espósito Valenti, 24, mother of Lucio, and Abigail Paez, 27, were detained by the Police as a result of the boy’s death.

Apparently, they were the ones who perpetrated the abuse on the minor.

The center where they are held was attacked this Saturday by an indignant horde.

The mother of the deceased faces a possible life imprisonment for the crime of homicide qualified by the bond.

Abigail Paez, your partner, could spend 8 to 25 years in prison for simple murder.

The letter from Lucio’s father, asking forgiveness for “Not being on time”, and the details about the intimacy of the environment in which the child lived have Argentine society dismayed.

The heartbreaking farewell to the minor’s father

With the passage of time, precise data has been known about the background in which the barbarism that ended the life of Lucio Dupuy.

In principle, the least lived with mother and his partner by order of a local judge who rejected the intention of Christian Dupuy, the father of the minor, to remain with his custody.

“Let the world hear this: today it was my son and just as it happened to me, there are a thousand cases where they turn their backs on dad, just because there is a mom. Make noise, do justice for my son, for me and for my family. Because I have no strength, I am on my knees before you, society. Justice for my son”, was the first message that the father published when the news of Lucio’s death was known.

“They held you prisoner of your childhood and innocence, now I understand when we made a video call and I asked you something and what you did was look to the sides to see if any of them were listening to you, that’s why it took you long to answer me when I asked you if you were happy . They had you in silence. You were scared and I didn’t realize it. Forgive me son, I did not arrive on time,” he said moments before the minor’s funeral, last Saturday.

According to some neighbors reported to the Argentine press, physical and psychological abuse was a constant in the home where Lucio lived.

The cry of society

Since the case gained media relevance, hundreds of Argentines have taken to the streets to demand justice before what happened.

Some activists have emphasized the responsibility of the judge who ordered that the mother was the one to take care of the child.

Many others have emphasized the importance of applying the idea of ​​joint custody in similar cases.

For this Friday, December 3, Lucio’s father organizes a demonstration in the main squares of the country with candles and white balloons.

‘In memory of Lucio’ is the flag to carry.

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