The judge of Chamber II of the Trial Court of Metán, Sebastián Fucho, sentenced a 45-year-old teacher to 10 years in prison for the abuse of two minors in a school.

It was for the crime of “repeated qualified simple sexual abuse” to the detriment of a minor and the “attempted repeated crime of simple qualified sexual abuse” against another girl, both nine years old.

The teacher worked in an institution in the town of Piquete Cabado, in the Salta department of Anta.

The criminal prosecutor of Joaquín V. González, María Celeste García Pisacic, represented the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the debate hearing, after intervening in the investigation, from the complaints of the mothers of the minors, who were students of the convicted man in Piquete Cabado, located 217 kilometers from Salta capital.

From the complaints it emerged that the teacher, during school hours, “hugged the girls and subjected them to touching”, and they agreed that the man he told them that they did not have to go around telling those things because “they were going to hurt him.”

The prosecutor evaluated all the evidence collected and concluded that what was stated was compatible with what was expressed by one of the minors before the Gesell Chamber, where she said that she was able to elude the teacher three times, but also that he was a witness to the “touching to which he subjected his partner, when he stayed with another student, hidden behind a tree.”

For the prosecutor, this confirmed that the story “enjoys total and absolute credibility and truthfulness” in its manifestations, without contradictions and indicating the scene of the crime in a “detailed, detailed manner and with a marked emotional state of anguish and fear due to the unlawful and guilty conduct of the accused” and highlighted the extreme physical and psychological vulnerability from the “inability of the minor to repel any attack or physical force of the aggressor in her bodily integrity”.

The convicted person was charged as responsible and material author of the crime to the detriment of the minor, which was also “an eyewitness of the simple qualified sexual abuse that the educator deployed in an absolutely despicable way against another minor, during class hours.”

The complaints coincide. They were students of the convict in Piquete Cabado, located 217 kilometers from Salta capital

The complaints coincide. They were students of the convict in Piquete Cabado, located 217 kilometers from Salta capital.

While, the account of the second victim in the Gesell Chamber confirmed the abuse and fear she felt for the teacher, after the three times she was subjected to, in the back sector of the School, where the garden is located.

Garcia Pisacic too highlighted that the story “full of anguish, crying and fear towards F., showed a state of extreme vulnerability to those who should have fulfilled their role as an educator, obliged to safeguard and protect students as the main task inherent to the condition of human person “.

However, the man acted like “a sexual aggressor abusing his status as a teacher and making it appropriate to carry out a typical, unlawful, guilty and punishable conduct to the detriment of two defenseless girls, with the impossibility of repelling any sexual or other attack” said the prosecutor, who highlighted the “irreparable” damage caused to the victims.

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