Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins revealed in one of his last live streams how much money he made with the Creator Code during the hype about Fortnite in just one month. According to him, it was once just under $5 million.

With the Creator Code, Epic Games would like to support various content creators financially. If a player enters the corresponding creator code when purchasing content in the shop, the partner receives 5% of the turnover on his account.

The system was introduced in 2018 and advertised a little later with an exclusive skin that was only available when users also used a creator code. Apparently, a lot of Fortnite players used the Ninja Creator Code.

Even if the number of viewers on his Twitch channel has fallen significantly compared to then – among other things, because Ninja is no longer mainly Fortnite plays – the streamer has made a lot of money in recent years.

Some time ago he already revealed that in 2018 he only earned around 10 million US dollars on YouTube. He also held the record for the most paying subscribers on Twitch for several years.

His switch from Twitch to Microsoft’s competitor Mixer was surprising at the time. Ninja apparently received between $20 million and $30 million for the deal. After shutting down Mixer, Tyler Blevins returned to Twitch and waived an offer from Facebook.

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