The Pope Francisco today approved the first step for the beatification of Argentine Enrique Ernesto Shaw, a layman and father of a family, recognizing his “heroic virtues,” the Vatican reported.

Shaw, born on February 26, 1921 in Paris and died in Buenos Aires on August 27, 1962, was an entrepreneur who promoted and promoted the human growth of his workers and, under the impulse of the Argentine episcopate, organized, together with other entrepreneurs, aid to Europe in the postwar period. In 1952, he founded the Christian Association of Business Leaders and promoted the International Union of Catholic Employers’ Associations and the Christian World Business Movement, as well as participating in the first Board of Directors of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina.

Despite being diagnosed with a malignant tumor in 1957, four years later he was appointed president of the Men of Catholic Action and participated in the World Congress of the International Union of Employers’ Associations, in Chile.

He traveled to Fátima (Portugal) and Lourdes (France) and, despite the precarious physical conditions, he kept his leadership positions until his death on August 27, 1962 in Buenos Aires, at the age of 41.

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