The cruel patricide was exposed in Chile, then a mother will beat her 7-year-old son with a leash. The minor died due to mistreatment by his mother.

The crime was announced on Tuesday and occurred in the town of Punitaqui, in the Coquimbo Region, in northern Chile. Although the cause is still under investigation, the first antecedents indicate that everything would have originated when mother of initials JACT called 911 to get an ambulance to transfer your child to a Family Health Center (Cesfam).

In this telephone contact, the woman explained that she had her child unconscious, while shouting that “apparently I killed him”, and then cut the call. The above triggered that Carabineros went to a health service to request an ambulance, when suddenly the mother arrived in a van.

According to police information, when the truck arrived at the scene, the child was admitted to the emergency room to be cared for by health personnel, while the mother cried in shock and said, according to the background, “I killed him, I killed him, I hit him, he fell out of bed, I killed him.”

At that precise moment, while the woman was in tears, health personnel reported that the minor was deceased, and that apparently also presented “Multiple bruises all over his body”, products of various blows given by third parties.

With this preliminary background, Carabineros personnel proceeded to arrest the mother because, apparently, he was in front of a flagrant crime of parricide that had to be prosecuted through a judicial process.

The case was taken by the Ovalle Prosecutor’s Office, who ordered the Homicide Brigade of the Investigative Police and the experts that make up the Regional Criminalistics Laboratory, to examine the site of the event to specify the respective inquiries to the examination of the body and testimony of witnesses.

Regarding the above, Commissioner Claudio Alarcón, head of the Homicide Brigade of the city of La Serena, affirmed that “with the external recognition and analysis of the victim, we were able to determine that presents some injuries that could be attributable to third partiesHowever, the cause of death will be determined by the corresponding autopsy of the Ovalle Medical Legal Service ”.

Formalization hearing

After the woman’s arrest, she proceeded to make her presentation in front of the courts on Wednesday. There, the defense of the mother accused illegality in the detention of the woman considering that there would be no immediacy in the event. However, the judge decreed that everything would have been adjusted to the law and that what was due was done.

After committing the crime, the woman went to a health center with her son shouting: "I killed him ... I hit him and I killed him"

After committing the crime, the woman went to a health center with her son shouting: “I killed him … I hit him and I killed him”

Once the above is resolved, the prosecutor of Ovalle, Carlos Jiménez, requested to extend the detention of the woman until this Friday Due to the fact that some information was missing, such as the autopsy of the Legal Medical Service on the body of the minor, and the reports of the Investigative Police. The judge granted this request.

This Friday, the woman again appeared in front of the justice, now to be formalized for the crime of parricide, after his detention was extended. During this journey, the Ovalle prosecutor, Carlos Jiménez, recounted the facts and reported that according to the Legal Medical Service, the child reportedly died of “traumatic pulmonary edema due to multiple injuries”.

This is why preventive detention was requested for the woman for the duration of the 90 days of investigation, which the court agreed, after the mother was considered a “danger to society.”

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