Guillermo Furiase speaks for the first time on Wedding of his daughter Elena with Gonzalo Sierra

Guillermo Furiase speaks for the first time on Wedding of his daughter Elena with Gonzalo Sierra

They remain as united as ever and in good harmony. Guillermo Furiase, faithful to his good habits and fully recovered from the stroke he suffered a few years ago, enjoys his children as if he continued living with them.

Thus, after eating with Elena and Guillermo – the fruit of his marriage to Lolita Flores – the Argentine spoke to us for the first time about his daughter’s wedding preparations with Gonzalo Sierra, which, if the pandemic allows it, will be held next September in his beloved Cádiz.

– CHANCE: Just congratulate you on Elena’s wedding. I imagine you are very happy, aren’t you, Guillermo?

– GUILLERMO: She will be happy.

– CH: How are you? I imagine that they were very excited, very excited.

– GUILLERMO: Good, but the date is not yet known.

– CH: September and Cádiz are being considered in principle, right?

– GUILLERMO: Yes, yes. If the pandemic goes away, yes. Yes No No.

– CH: Will you be a small group of people? That I do imagine.

– GUILLERMO: No, not reduced. I don’t know, I can’t tell you that much.

– CH: Have you started with the preparations?

– GUILLERMO: Look, she’s doing everything herself. The truth is that I don’t do much, but yes, they invite me.

– CH: Well that’s important. How is the little one?

– GUILLERMO: Good, precious. It’s very good, very cute.

– CH: When they get married, they will be about to turn three years old. I imagine what prominence it will have at the wedding.

– GUILLERMO: Sure, because he meets in October and the wedding is in September, and at the moment everything is going well, what happens is that with this pandemic it is not known.

– CH: I can imagine. How are you?

– GUILLERMO: Well, I’m alive after what happened to me.

– CH: So, is everything good in health?

– GUILLERMO: Good, good.

– CH: I imagine the relationship with Lolita was great.

– GUILLERMO: With Lolita? Who is Lolita? Yes very good. We are very friends, very friends. We are very friends, everything is fine, everything is perfect with Lolita with Rosario and with those who are not there too.

– CH: I imagine that on the wedding day they will also be very present.

– GUILLERMO: They are always very present, both Antonio, Lola, my father-in-law. Antonio is very present in me because he was my friend, my manager, my artist, but well I know that they are always somewhere.

– CH: Hey, how’s the son-in-law? How is?

– GUILLERMO: Good person, yes. Good boy, very good.

– CH: Are you happy?

– GUILLERMO: Well, Elena is happy, I’m not happy. But yes, the very good family, Elena is fine, which is the important thing. If she’s okay, but okay, okay.

– CH: We are glad that everything is going so well that we haven’t seen you for a long time.

– GUILLERMO: I took a step aside in everything, a long time ago, but well. I’m fine, I’m happy.

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