The Puerto, El Martillo and Juramento neighborhoods are some of the most affected. There are also areas such as Vértiz and Edison, Punta Mogotes and the Florencio Sánchez neighborhood.

Different areas of Mar del Plata, but especially the southern sector, were flooded this Tuesday as a result of the heavy rains, which will continue throughout the day.

The director of Civil Defense, Rodrígo Goncálvez, said that the port and its surrounding area are for the moment the most affected areas, but he did not rule out that other sectors may experience problems as hours go by.

A large part of the emergency calls that the agency received to line 103 during the early morning came from the El Martillo, Juramento and Florencio Sánchez neighborhoods. Also from sectors such as Vertiz and Edison and Punta Mogotes.

In Carasa and Florencio Sánchez a vehicle was under water. “I do not rule out that some other place may be affected. Especially from the periphery. The accumulated rain begins to leave important values, “said the official.

For now, the municipality is evaluating the situation of three families due to material losses.

“We are monitoring the Las Chacras stream at the height of the 47th street bridge that is loaded,” added Goncálvez.


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