According to insiders, CoD 2021 will deal with a guerrilla war in the 1950s

The rumor about the new Call of Duty 2021. After it was leaked that the next part of Sledgehammer Games (CoD WW2, Advanced Warfare) is coming, a direct successor to Modern Warfare seems to be off the table. Instead, according to an insider, it goes back to the past, more precisely to the 1950s.

Unconfirmed leak: The information about the setting has not been officially confirmed. Although the sources have often been correct in the past, you should treat the rumors with reasonable caution.

The current rumors about the setting

According to the well-known Leaker Okami the new CoD plays around 1950. During this time, the Korean War, the subsequent Vietnam War, the Suez Crisis and revolutions in Algeria, Cuba and Hungary took place. In addition, the early phase of the Cold War falls in the 50s – but this topic was already taken up in 2020 with CoD Cold War.

Historically, the Korean War began as a conflict between North and South Korea and escalated into one of the largest proxy wars between the United Nations and the United States on the one hand and China and the Soviet Union on the other.

Well-known industry insider Tom Henderson remained vague and shared a post on Twitter in which he alludes to the topic of CoD 2021 – namely a guerrilla war. “Gorilla and War”, you already understand.

This could also point to a setting in the Vietnam War in which guerrilla tactics played a central role. On the other hand, Vietnam was also a topic in the current CoD Cold War.

Sledgehammer has already worked on Call of Duty: Vietnam in the past, which was not supposed to be a shooter, but an action adventure. The title was discontinued in 2011.

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