Bitcoin exchanges bet on Christmas bonus in Argentina

Bitcoin exchanges bet on Christmas bonus in Argentina

Brokers, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges have published advertising campaigns on television, radio and social networks with the intention of attracting the potential attention of investors. As of Wednesday, December 15, retired and dependent employees in Argentina begin to receive their supplementary annual half salary (SAC), called “Christmas bonuses”, generating large advertising campaigns so that it is invested in cryptocurrencies.

Given the sudden devaluation of the Argentine peso, and given the difficulty that the inhabitants have to obtain dollars freely and considerably by legal means, this Christmas exchanges are offering cryptocurrencies as an option to be able to sponsor and even increase the purchasing power of the bonus.

BTC exchanges are present on television

For Argentines it is time for Christmas bonuses and Buenbit was present, with his campaign of “Make it perform in Buenbit and you will see how it grows”, publicity tweeted by Federico Ogue.

Buenbit also published a television campaign motivating people to lose their “fear” by interacting with cryptocurrency investors, expressing:

“Everything that once scared you, today became part of your essence and it was much better”

Broker offers the possibility of acquiring and selling cryptocurrencies such as: BTC, DAI, ETH, ADA, SOL, DOT, BNB, MATIC and NUARS.

It is a mediator between the client and platforms

In addition, it works as a mediator between the client and DeFi platforms , in order to invest in cryptocurrencies. The return on investment is fickle. Yesterday, Buenbit promised 2.48% annually in BTC; 4.61% in ETH; and 13.26% in DAI. All will be deposited each year.

This is a type of stablecoin that maintains its identity of value with the US dollar. As commented by the CEO of Buenbit, he recommends that “for new cryptocurrency customers, DAI is an excellent initiative for this digital medium.”

Months ago an information platform had announced that Buenbit had presented a debit card where you can recharge a balance in pesos and the user who was affiliated with the platform gave him a cashback, that is (they returned the money) but in the form of cryptocurrencies during each completed purchase.

Another broker competing for the advertising medium is Lemon. The advertising you see in television commercials is especially focused on the debit card that this company promises. Apart from the debit card, the company managed by Marcelo Cavazzoli offers the possibility of acquiring and selling, through its mobile app.

Lemon also promises returns for having some cryptocurrencies deposited directly on its platform. Considering the following values: 4% ETH; 7% USDT; 13% DAI; and 3.50% BTC.

Satoshi enters the Argentine soccer field

One of the incipient BTC brokers in Argentina is SatoshiTango, it handles a different propaganda strategy. Indicating that those fans who attend the soccer fields as public, will enjoy great prizes, while those who enjoy the games on television, will see advertisements of: “Buy BTC now”, accompanied by the name of the company.

From SatoshiTango you can buy and sell USD Coin, DAI, USD Tether, BTC, SOL, ETH, cardano, BCH, XRP, DOGE, LINK, XLM, and LTC.

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