Argentina.- Thousands of people protest in front of the Courthouse of Buenos Aires against sexist violence

Argentina.- Thousands of people protest in front of the Courthouse of Buenos Aires against sexist violence

Demonstration against sexist violence in Argentina.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Buenos Aires to meet in front of the Palace of Courts in a new march against sexist violence in the Latin American country.The call was made by the Ni Una Menos collective in memory of Úrsula Bahillo, an 18-year-old girl who was stabbed to death in the Buenos Aires city of Rojas by her ex-partner, a police officer from the province of Buenos Aires.

With slogans such as ‘Por Úrsula y por todo’, the crowd has condemned “patriarchal justice” and called for an end to “police repression”, according to information from the newspaper ‘La Nación’. Although the central point of the call is in front of the courts on Calle Talcahuano al 500, the mobilization will be replicated before the courts of different cities in the country.

“One in every five femicides in our country are committed by members of the security forces,” said a spokeswoman for the Ni Una Menos movement. “The bureaucracy of the State and Justice does not take seriously the risk denounced over and over again when evaluating the dangerousness of the aggressor if he has already had other episodes of violence,” he warned.

Thus, he has transferred his support to the family and friends of Bahillo and has indicated that “in the whole country there is a need to convene and denounce.”

The case of Úrsula Bahillo has raised controversy in the country since she had denounced her ex-boyfriend 18 times, the last time three days before she was murdered. On that occasion, she said that she had threatened to kill her when she was walking through Rojas and insisted that she needed a “panic button.”

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