Argentina: 16-year-old Peruvian shot for not turning down the volume during a party

Argentina: 16-year-old Peruvian shot for not turning down the volume during a party

21-year-old Sara Lozano still can’t believe what’s going on. Last Saturday she was with her 16-year-old sister Sandra at a family reunion. Now the minor is in critical condition and paraplegic at Penna Hospital, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

According to El Clarín, it all started on Saturday, October 2, when they attended the 50-year party for the uncle of a friend named Jocelyn. The Lozano sisters, Peruvians with more than ten years of residence in Argentina, went to the place after midnight in tents.

“We were having a good time, listening to cumbia, eating something and the door of my friend’s uncles’ house was open for air to breathe. Suddenly we see a man shouting in a bad way demanding that we turn the music down: ‘if they don’t turn it down, everyone will wake up dead’”, Sara said.

They did not give it importance and the subject made his threat real. “I was sitting talking, I don’t know why I look at the door and I see that same guy again who stretches out his arm from the gate, I see a gun and he starts shooting. I felt between eight and ten bullets”, Sara said.

Lozano points out that she tried to cover herself against the wall. “I remember that my little sister was dancing close to me, I turn around and see Sandrita on her back, with blood on her chest”, she said.

Sara tried to give her first aid, as she is studying nursing and medicine at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and calls the authorities.

Luckily the police came quickly but the ambulance was slow. And then I decided to take Sandrita to the hospital, contrary to what the police told me, who insisted that I wait for the ambulance to arrive”, she added.

She and a friend took her to the Penna hospital, which is ten minutes from where the events took place.

“I was in the back with Sandrita talking to her, shaking her head so she wouldn’t fall asleep, they were unbearable, interminable minutes that I never in my life thought I would live. Nor can I believe that a person reacts that way”, she counted.

The young woman also said that her teenage sister is fighting for her life, but her condition is critical because the bullet entered her back, pierced the lung and damaged the bone marrow. Unfortunately she will not walk again and they fear that she will suffer a cardiac arrest.

Regarding the culprit, the city police indicate that said neighbor would have mental problems and escaped on a motorcycle. Now the Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office No. 51 is investigating the case.

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