ANMAT prohibits the sale of a brand of Alcohol Gel and Rice for Celiacs

ANMAT prohibits the sale of a brand of Alcohol Gel and Rice for Celiacs

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) prohibited the marketing of a gel alcohol and a brand of gluten-free rice.

Through the Provision 1040/2021, published this Tuesday in the Official bulletin, the control body prohibited the use and marketing throughout the country of a product identified as “Alcohol gel – hand sanitizer – instant antibacterial sanitizer – FSG”, which was advertised on different web pages.

As indicated, the firm F y S Group SA is authorized in the Municipality of General Rodríguez for the exploitation of the item “production of oils and surfactants (mixture)” but it lacks an inscription to handle ethyl alcohol. “It was verified that there were no cosmetic products registered with the ANMAT that responded to said identifying data, nor establishments authorized for the cosmetic category under the company names FSG SA and Sky Leather Group SA; It is therefore not the true legal data on the labeling “, was explained.

When it comes to “An illegitimate product”, the agency warned that “Its quality, safety and efficacy cannot be guaranteed”: “In attention to the global health situation due to the pandemic produced by Covid 19, health organizations must ensure the fidelity of the products that are marketed given the importance that, in this context, products for the hygiene and sanitation of hands represent a sanitary level ”.

On the other hand, the ANMAT, through the Provision 1034/2021, prohibited the marketing of the product throughout the national territory “Long fine quality rice 0000”, brand Uncle Quico, with logo “Gluten free food”, which was not enabled as such, so it turns out to be “A product falsely labeled and consequently illegal.”

The actions were initiated by intervention of the Institute of Food Control and Bromatology of the province of Entre Ríos (ICAB) that warned that said brand of rice “would not comply with current food regulations.” Said entity consulted the Santa Fe Food Safety Agency of the province of Santa Fe (ASSAI), in order to verify if the firm Molino Arrocero Los Cerillos SA had the corresponding authorizations.

After the intervention in the establishment of the company, a report concluded that “the product is not authorized as gluten-free and that the address of the company name and the product’s suitability period does not coincide with what was declared in said Agency.”


Consequently, the ASSAI notified the Food Surveillance Information System Network, established the food alert and “prohibited the possession, fractionation, transport, marketing and exposure and, where appropriate, seizure, denaturing of the cited product, as well as any other product with RNPA N ° 21-031812 that presents on its label the logo of gluten-free food and that has been prepared before 7/01/2021 ″.

While it is alerted that it exists “A reasonable probability of temporary and / or reversible adverse consequences on the health of sensitive persons”. Indeed, the ANMAT recommended to the celiac population, who have bought or have in their possession the product that presents the symbol of gluten-free food and that has been packaged before 7/01/21 to refrain from consuming it and to those who sell the mentioned product, that they cease its commercialization.

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