With unimaginable violence, a 16-year-old teenager Agustín Pizzirusso died after receiving several blows to the head, some with a bottle. It occurred in the Buenos Aires town of Villa Diamante, in the southern municipality of Lanús, in Argentina.

The attack was carried out after the victim argued with two men, one of whom had already been arrested, who were acquaintances of the neighborhood.

The episode that ended the life of Agustín Pizzirusso happened on Sunday around 8:30 am at the intersection of Yatay streets, between Hornos and Pasaje Pilar. Through the registration of a camera in the area, it was observed that the adolescent began to argue with two young people.

At that moment, one of the attackers took a bottle of cider he was carrying from Pizzirusso’s hands and without a word struck him. The victim fell to the ground and the assailant continued to hit him.

With no reaction from the victim, both young men fled the scene, a sequence that was filmed on the security camera in the area. The victim, meanwhile, was transferred to the Lomas de Zamora Prompt Attention Unit (UPA), where he died as a result of the blows he received.

The arrest of one of the suspects

Based on the statements of witnesses, the officers of the 5th police station established that the teenager had gone to a kiosk to buy cider and was intercepted by the two suspects.

The person accompanying the aggressor, Alexis Villamayor, 19, who was arrested, was first identified at a home in the Ezeiza district after a raid ordered by the prosecutor Gastón Fernández, of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 7 of Avellaneda-Lanús. The cause was listed as homicide, added the sources.

Brutal murder of a 16-year-old in Villa Diamante, Lanús.

Brutal murder of a 16-year-old in Villa Diamante, Lanús.

Meanwhile, the alleged material attacker was also identified, but he is a fugitive, which is why he is intensely wanted by the police. This morning, Miguel, Agustín’s father assured that his son was with the young detainee minutes before the fact, drinking beer at his home.

“He was with the´flaquito´, they were going to go to my house and they told me they were going to be there. When we got up we knew that he was an accomplice”, indicated the man in dialogue with the Telefe channel.

Miguel maintained that he was “without reaction” when he saw the images of the beating his son received and denounced that a man in green shorts and a white T-shirt, who approached Agustín’s body and then left, is the murderer’s father.

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