Daniela Figo and Beltrán Lozano are in luck. And it is that just a year ago, the model and cousin of King Felipe VI, Beltrán Lozano and the eldest daughter of former soccer player Luis Figo and Helen Swedin, Daniela, had just started a love relationship.

A news that we were aware of thanks to the getaway to the snow together that both shared on social networks. And although they have always remained in a discreet background, it seems that the relationship is going from strength to strength and to celebrate this first anniversary, both they have returned to Baqueira Beret.

A year later, these lovers enjoy as a family, together with the Figo-Swedin, from a vacation in the Catalan Pyrenees, the place that saw their relationship consolidate.

A few days of the most fun and complete in which Beltrán has shown the good relationship he maintains with his ‘in-laws’, Luis Figo and Helen Swedin, and with his ‘sisters-in-law’ Martina and Stella, as the couple has shared through their social networks.

Long days of skiing, snowmobile rides, feasts to better cope with low temperatures and, above all, a lot of love when one year of the first images of one of the most attractive couples in coated paper has passed.

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