26-year-old Peruvian is murdered in cold blood while returning home to Argentina

26-year-old Peruvian is murdered in cold blood while returning home to Argentina

A man of Peruvian nationality was killed by five bullets when he arrived at his home with family and friends in the Balvanera area, in front of the San Expedito Church, in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

As reported “TN”, The personnel of the Neighborhood Police Station 3A of the Police of the City of Buenos Aires arrived at the place after 10 pm on Wednesday night. The victim was returning home after having dinner with his partner and friends.

According to police information, the Peruvian was about 26 years old. A security camera managed to capture the brutal murder and shows the aggressor approaching the group and even accompanied the victim for several meters. Subsequently, he stepped forward a bit and fired in cold blood.

A medical team arrived in the area minutes later and confirmed the death of the man at 22:22 (local time). The Argentine media indicated that the witnesses said that the attacker would also be Peruvian.

The assailant escaped in a taxi. The authorities have been checking the security cameras in the area to try to identify the murderer.

The Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office 51 ordered that the Mobile Criminalistics Unit arrive at the scene and also asked to give intervention to the Homicide Division of the City Police. In addition, a psychologist was present to give containment to the group that witnessed the event.

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