Easter 2021 in the USA

Easter 2021 in the USA: When is it and what days are holidays in the United States and Mexico?

People all over the world are preparing to celebrate one of the most important customs of Catholicism, Holy Week, which, in different countries of the world have different ways of celebrating, but all with the same objective, to remember the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Next, we provide you with all the necessary information on these highly celebrated festivities both in the United States by national and Latino populations, as well as in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

What is Holy Week and what is its meaning?

Holy Week is a period of eight days, which is also known as Greater Week, officially begins with Palm Sunday and ends a week later with Easter Sunday. It is preceded by Lent, which is a period in which the 40 days that Jesus Christ spent in the desert are remembered.

The main meaning of Holy Week is to commemorate the Easter Triduum, both the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

When is the Easter holiday in the United States?

Regarding the educational system, some institutions begin to take vacations from the end of February, while in other educational levels the established days go from March 28 to April 12, being the official calendar days, from March 29 to the second day of April.

Are Easter breaks mandatory in the USA?

Although the days of Holy Week are not mandatory rest, they normally rest in some institutions the entire week, or on Holy Thursdays and Fridays, since it depends entirely on the boss on duty to give his workers the opportunity to attend religious events or processions that take place in the street, as well as spending personal time with the family.

School holidays in the US: These are the dates, according to the educational cycle.

Regardless of the days covered by Easter, in the United States there is a spring vacation period, which is also known as Spring Break, this being the first vacation period of 2021, with a date from March 28 to March 12. April. While the second vacation period covers once the school cycles of each educational level have finished.

When is Easter Week 2021 in the USA? Full schedule

Easter 2021 in the United States is understood as follows.

– March 28: Palm Sunday

– March 29: Holy Monday

– March 30: Holy Tuesday

– March 31: Holy Wednesday

– April 1: Holy Thursday (holiday)

– April 2: Good Friday (holiday)

– April 3: Holy Saturday or Glory Saturday

– April 4: Resurrection Sunday or Easter Sunday.

What are the holidays and public holidays in the United States?

After the days established for Easter in the United States from March 28 to April 4 , the remaining holidays and holidays for 2021 are presented below.

– April 13: Easter Monday

– May 5: Cinco de Mayo

– May 10: Mother’s Day

– May 25: Memorial Day

– June 21: Father’s Day

– July 3: Independence Day

– July 4: Independence Day

– September 7: Labor Day

– September 11: Patriot Day

– October 12: Columbus Day

– October 31 halloween

– November 11: Veterans Day

– November 26: Thanksgiving Day

– November 27: Black Friday

– December 24: Christmas Eve

– 25th December, Christmas

– December 31: New Year.

When is Holy Week in other Latin American countries?

In the case of Mexico and Colombia, Holy Week began on March 28, while for the first, it will end on April 4, and for the second, a day before, on April 3. Argentina, on the other hand, began the celebrations from March 27 and they end until the fifth day of April.

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