Holidays in the United States 2021

Holidays in the United States 2021: All mandatory breaks for workers in the United States

As every year, both federal and religious holidays are established in the United States of America, this with the purpose of a better organization and a better use of these, both in the professional and social fields.

What are the holidays in the United States of this 2021?

At the federal level, these are the holidays in the United States:

  1. January 1 (Friday), New Years Day
  2. January 18 (Monday), Martin Luther King, Jr.
  3. February 15 (Monday), President’s Day
  4. May 31 (Monday), Memorial Day
  5. July 4 (Sunday), Independence Day
  6. September 6 (Monday), Labor Day
  7. October 11 (Monday), Columbus Day
  8. November 11 (Thursday), Veterans Day
  9. November 25 (Thursday), Thanksgiving Day
  10. December 24 (Friday), Christmas Eve
  11. December 25 (Saturday), Christmas
  12. December 31 (Friday), New Years Eve

What does it mean for a holiday to be federal?

A federal holiday in the United States is a day that was designated by law, that a person as an employer, should take into account that these days will be important, since the government encourages them to close businesses to pay tribute to these days, moreover, it is not obligatory by law to grant rest to its workers.

What is the difference between federal holidays and religious holidays?

According to the law of the North American country, only a federal holiday is classified as a religious holiday, which is Christmas , and this must be very important for employers, since by law, on all religious days that are celebrated in the country, must accommodate the schedules for the people who celebrate them according to their religious beliefs.

That is, for a Muslim person, they should have the right to celebrate two of their most important holidays, such as the Feast of Breaking the Fast and the Day of Celebration of the Sacrifice.

Some employers offer their employees a floating holiday which can be translated as ‘elective holiday’ or ‘movable holiday’ in which workers can choose any day of the year to celebrate their religious holidays.

What are the mandatory rest days in the United States?

By law, employers are under no obligation to give any holidays off, unless the institution you work for is a funded partnership or a government entity. So if the employer decides to give his workers the day off, he is not obliged to pay for the day on which there were functions in the corporation .

Despite this, normally in some institutions , holidays are usually given to their workers because one of the main causes is trying to maintain a healthy and happy work environment for both bosses and workers.

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