According to a study, Miami was crowned the capital of OnlyFans and its content creators reveal how it works.

What is OnlyFans, how does it work, who generates content and how much do they earn? These questions and many others are the ones that thousands of people ask themselves every day about a new social platform that is gaining more and more followers every day. is a subscription platform for people over 18 that allows creators to publish and monetize their content by developing authentic connections with their fans.

According to workers, this service gives them more control over their content than pornography agencies or production companies would otherwise have. It also means working without rules and regulations and with more freedom than a 9-to-5 job.

Several of the creators of this content have focused their images on the sensual, the explicit and the hot.

The city of Miami in the United States is considered the capital of OnlyFans, according to a study published by Madhouse Labs together with U.S. Census population data, which indicates that almost 5,000 creators of this type of content reside in the “magic city”. Globally, an estimated 3 million people work with the platform with 95% of the photos and videos being adult material.

Some creators have revealed that they earn thousands of dollars a month.

According to twins Douglas and Esteban Castillo, known for their reality TV work, they have made as much as $20,000 in a month.

“We like to do a little bit of everything, a little bit nude, something more artistic, sexier, something we don’t upload to another network… We’ve shown our bodies without clothes and that’s as far as we’ve gone and as far as we plan to go,” Esteban revealed.

Nudity is nothing new for model Heloine Moreno, who came to OnlyFans after appearing as God brought her into the world in Playboy. She makes a living creating intimate, racy photos and videos for her subscribers.

“I post nude photos, I don’t consider myself a porn actress because I’m not working for an exclusive site, and most of the content is solo. But I do have a partner,” Heloine reveals.

However, not all of the content on OnlyFans is about nudity; there is material aimed at specific audiences such as artistic photos, cooking, tips, travel and other topics.

The second city with the most OnlyFans models, according to the study, is Las Vegas.

For its part, the company said it cannot verify the study’s findings because it does not disclose the location of its content creators, according to an NBC report.

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