Before you start applying for the Australia visa, check if you meet the requirements mentioned on this page. The eVisitor visa is subject to travel purpose, passport, health and behavioral requirements.

Purpose of the trip

Vacation or business trip to Australia

Spanish citizens need a visa for tourism or business trips to Australia. The eVisitor visa is the cheapest and easiest variant to apply for. You can also visit friends and family in Australia. Do you want to work or volunteer in Australia? In that case, you can find more information about it on the page about working in Australia.

Study in Australia

Do you want to take a course or study in Australia? This is also possible with an eVisitor visa, but only if the training or studies last no more than three months. Please note that this is independent of the validity period of the visa. The maximum length of stay for the visa is also three months. It is not permitted to split a study of more than three months into multiple trips staying in Australia for less than three months each time.

Do you want to carry out studies that last more than three months in total? If so, you can apply for a special study visa. A study visa is also required whenever you want to undertake a medical training course or study, as (part of) an internship to become a doctor, dentist, nurse, paramedic or childminder.


Both you and your traveling companions must be in possession of a valid passport. This also applies to minors. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months from the time you arrive in Australia. When applying for the Australia visa, you must indicate your passport number. This passport number also appears on the visa. On arrival in Australia, the passport number on the visa must match the number on your passport. Therefore, you must travel with the same passport with which you applied for the visa. The validity of your passport is not enough? Then you must first apply for a new passport and then, with the new passport in force, apply for a new visa. Will you receive your new passport just before you leave for Australia? In that case, you can submit an urgent visa application.

Do you have Australian nationality? Then you cannot apply for any type of visa for Australia, even if Australian nationality is your second nationality and you are traveling on a passport from another country. In that case, travel with your Australian passport or contact the Australian embassy if you don’t (already) have a passport.


Does your physical or mental health pose a public health risk in Australia? Does it pose a potential danger to Australian society? In that case, you will not be able to travel to Australia even if you have a visa. You can only apply for an Australia visa if you meet the following medical requirements:

  • does not have tuberculosis
  • She will not give birth in Australia
  • Your arrival would not incur healthcare costs in excess of AU$49,000 (±€32,000)
  • Its arrival would not cause an increase in waiting times in health care centers with limited capacity

Not sure if you meet the above requirements? Or is it important for you to be able to travel to Australia? Contact the Australian immigration service, who will assign you a doctor with whom you can discuss your situation. The doctor will then assess whether your health allows you to apply for an eVisitor visa or another type of visa.

Healthcare costs during your stay in Australia

Please note that medical treatment in Australia is often considerably more expensive. Do you need healthcare during your stay in Australia? If so, you will be responsible for the costs. Check before you travel if you are insured by your health or travel insurance. Also check if the expenses for specialized treatments, private assistance centers, use of ambulances and dentistry are covered.

We recommend that you take out travel medical insurance to cover the cost of any medical treatment you may require in Australia. The Australian government has an agreement with several European countries on emergency medical treatment.

Are you a national of the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden or the United Kingdom? If so, you can apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you leave. By presenting your passport and EHIC, you can enroll in Australia’s national public health care system known as Medicare. If you’re enrolled in Medicare, you don’t have to pay for most basic treatments yourself. The health institution can then claim them directly from your private health insurance company.


The main objective of the Australia visa application process is to exclude unwanted people. Individuals who may pose a danger to the Australian community or engage in criminal behavior through, among other things, defamation, harassment, intimidation, stalking or assaulting other people in Australia are not admitted. Nor can you apply for an Australia visa in the following cases:

  • You or a member of your family has a debt with the Australian government
  • You do not have sufficient funds to pay for the stay and the return trip
  • Have you ever been the subject of a legal action for domestic violence or child (sexual) abuse
  • Has been sentenced to a prison sentence of more than twelve months (regardless of whether it has been served)
  • You are a fugitive and/or wanted by Interpol
  • Are or have been involved with a person, organization, or group that is likely to have engaged in criminal conduct
  • There are reasonable grounds to suspect that you have engaged in smuggling, human trafficking, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes involving torture or slavery, or crimes of international significance, regardless of whether you have been convicted of such

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