The capital of Valle del Cauca falls in love with its culture, history, delicious dishes 🍽 and of course with the taste of Salsa. Its warm and cheerful people, parks full of vegetation, beautiful churches ⛪ and an ideal climate ☀️ are some of the reasons to live in Cali.

At Globe Live Media we want to tell you in detail what makes Cali a very attractive city to live and invest in 📈, let’s get started!

1. Economic to live 💲

According to Forbes magazine, in 2018, Cali ranked as the second cheapest city to live in 🏡. Some of the data that allow this comparison to be made are the value of public transport 🚃, the cost of the square meter for sale and lease; the basic consumption rate of public services, compared to those of cities like Medellín and Bogotá, which are higher 🏙️.

2. Short distances 🔛

A great advantage of Cali is its distances between one place and another. The displacements are made in short times, which saves time, money and stress, of course! 👌🏻

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3. Ideal climate, another reason to live in Cali ☀️

The temperature in Cali varies between 19 ºC and 26 ºC during the year. I mean, it’s a nice weather, with cold breezes that cool the afternoons 🍃.

4. Unique landscapes and places 🏞️

The best view of Cali can be seen from the Sebastián de Belalcázar viewpoint, where there is also a sculpture in honor of the founder of the city who points with his right hand to the exit to the Pacific Ocean 🌊 and with his left hand holds a sword 🗡 .

Another place to enjoy a beautiful view is the Cerro de los Cristales, where the important religious monument ‘Cristo Rey’ is located 🗺️. This icon of the city is 26 m high and weighs 464 tons.

5. Incredible gastronomy 🍱

The cholao, the chontaduro, the lulada, the pandebono, the manjar blanco, the masato, the pandeyuca, the marranitas, the aborrajados, among many other delicacies make enjoying food a delight 🍱🍱.

6. Plans in Cali, one of his reasons for living there ✔️

Cali is the world capital of salsa, so one of the plans to always enjoy is to go to Juanchito, located across the Cauca River bridge. Sixth Avenue and Menga are also areas with bars and clubs to dance and dance until dawn. Happy Carnival! 💃.

If you are looking for a more exclusive plan, with gourmet gastronomy, you have to visit the Granada area, next to the Ortiz bridge pass.

Another charming and quieter plan is to walk through San Antonio, a heritage neighborhood with colonial and republican houses, made of adobe and clay tiles. There are cafes, galleries, hotels 🏩, theaters, artisan workshops. And of course, there is the Chapel of San Antonio, built in 1747 and which has a viewpoint to observe a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

7. Cali Fair, an excellent reason to live in Cali 🥳

If we talk about Cali, the Fair could not be missing. One of the most important and representative events in Colombia 🇨🇴, which takes place between December 25 and 30 of each year. The Salsódromo and the Superconcert are two of the central activities that welcome national and international tourists every year 👥.

The Cali Fair is also recognized for its programming that includes the Old Cali Carnival Parade. Happy Carnival! 💃, the parade of classic and old cars 🚗, meetings of music lovers and collectors, among others.

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