Connect with nature! Enjoy beautiful cabins in a magical town of Zacatecas

Zacatecas has seven magical towns full of charm and tradition, but one of them is famous for its beautiful cabins and for being the cradle of a delicious mezcal.

Magical towns are tourist destinations that are full of charm and tradition. Zacatecas has seven, but one of them is very special because it is home to beautiful cabins and is the cradle of one of the most famous mezcals in the state.

Located south of Zacatecas and bordering Jalisco, you will find the charming magical town of Teúl de González Ortega, famous for being surrounded by nature and full of tourist attractions.

Among the great variety of tourist attractions that you will find in this magical town, besides the cabins, you will be able to enjoy Trajineras and Kayaks.

Right at the Manuel Caloca Dam you will find La Caxcana and La Ticuata, a pair of trajineras that are waiting for visitors to take a ride on these calm waters.

You can also buy mezcal, acquire pottery and enjoy the gastronomy, which includes milk sweets, cajeta, tamarind, sweet potatoes, pirulis and rice cake with piloncillo, as well as taninole, a combination of honeyed pumpkin and milk. Also ponteduro, a mixture of sweet corn with piloncillo.

Cabins in magical town in Zacatecas.

The best of all is that you can find beautiful cabins to stay during your trip as well as a romantic getaway with your partner or a trip with the whole family.

  • Los Pinos Cabins & Reserve

Los Pinitos Huts

Los Pinitos Huts: Located in the middle of nature, on the banks of the Presa Oriente, Chozas Los Pinitos offers a perfect retreat for those seeking peace and adventure, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a day trip.

At an affordable cost of around 400 pesos per night, these cabins include kayaks, life jackets and grilling areas. A unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Cabañas Don Aurelio

Cabañas Don Aurelio

If you’re looking for an immersive experience in the mezcal culture, you can’t miss Cabañas Don Aurelio. Located in the Zona Mezcalera del Teul, this place offers you the opportunity to stay in its unique cabins, with an average cost of 2,000 pesos for double occupancy.

But that’s not all; here, a family business with more than 90 years of experience in mezcal production will open its doors to you. You can explore the facilities and learn about the elaboration of this Mexican drink. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to taste a variety of mezcals in their rustic tavern.

Would you like to take home a special souvenir? You’re in luck! Don Aurelio also has its own Mezcal Museum, opened in 2014, which offers a glimpse into the process of creating this appellation of origin drink.

  • Campamento Plan de los Álamos

Campamento Plan de los Álamos

Located in the community of Los Alamos or Colonia Alamitos, Campamento Plan de los Alamos is a hidden gem that gives you the opportunity to experience rural Zacatecas life.

Here, the region’s vernacular architecture and handmade tile roofs transport you back in time. At a cost of 800 pesos per person, this camp offers a complete experience that includes three meals a day and lodging in cabins.

In addition, you can enjoy activities such as camping, horseback riding, temazcales, animal milking, hiking and lunadas. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of the local culture while staying in comfortable cabins or tents.

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