New year, new tone for the home! 🎉 ‘Viva Magenta 18-1750’, is the new color for 2023 selected by Pantone, a color described as “a nuanced crimson tone; unconventional for an unconventional time.”

With this new vision that marks a trend in decoration for the coming year, it is worth taking note and being encouraged to innovate with the remodeling and installations of our home. The good news is that doing it with the help of our ally Jelpit

“In this age of technology, we seek inspiration from nature and what is real,” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, explained in a statement. Viva Magenta is inspired by cochineal red, one of the most precious dyes in the family of natural dyes. 🌎

Inspired by nature, this new color becomes our recommended Globe Live Media, which comes to invoke a greater force in our spaces, through a risky tone and that gives you tools when it comes to knowing which colors to choose for your home, different to other more traditional ones at the start of the year.

Long live Magenta, the color that will make you vibrate

According to color psychology, magenta is synonymous with emotional balance and physical harmony, suitable for use in interior spaces at home and is considered a sophisticated color. 🏠

On the other hand, it is related to the pragmatic, evoking logic and insight, perfect for our living rooms, studies or home offices.

This is how it is recommended to accompany it with decorative items that express strength, joy and optimism, to provide a new element of color and energy to our home. 🎉

How to use Magenta at home?

Like the color red, one of the most daring in architecture and interior design, magenta knocks on the doors of our homes to break the decorating schemes; Not surprisingly, it is a tone rooted in nature that descends from the red family, powerful and strengthening.

The recommendation is to use it especially in the rooms of the youngest, as it is a lively red color full of joy. 📍 A color for unrestricted experimentation and self-expression, according to Pantone.

On the other hand, keep in mind to use it not only on the walls, but also for decorative elements such as rugs, cushions; also in lamps, shelves and artistic pieces, among others.

However, avoid exaggerating when using magenta in your home, you can combine them with pink, coffee and beige. In addition to the already known white, black and gray.

At Globe Live Media we hope that with this new color, you will enjoy much more innovative and colorful spaces in 2023 and remember that if you are thinking of welcoming the new year by remodeling the colors of the walls or other spaces in the house, with our ally Jelpit you can do this purpose reality. Hundred squares, it squares everything. 💙

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