She is SAM: Samsung’s new digital expert

She is SAM: Samsung’s new digital expert

A digital avatar assumes as the new Latin American expert for consumers in digital channels, social networks and electronic store
A digital avatar assumes as the new Latin American expert for consumers in digital channels, social networks and electronic store

Samsung has a new expert to help consumers learn more about the company’s devices, features and services. SAM is Samsung’s new digital avatar that will be featured on the company’s digital channels, social media and e-store, always showing consumers the new and innovative possibilities of using all Samsung products for an easier life, allowing them to choose the best Samsung device that suits their lives.

SAM: Samsung's new digital expert

First introduced in 2021 as a product enabler, SAM is now designed to reinforce an aspirational lifestyle based on the Samsung brand purpose that highlights the company’s openness to innovations and guides consumers through the exciting fully connected lifestyle.

“These are the first steps of SAM, a vivid and friendly character who from now on will play an important role in Samsung’s awareness campaigns with younger consumers, mainly Gen Z. Our goal is to strengthen the consistency of our presence in the region ”, explains Carlos Villar, Samsung Corporate Marketing Leader for Central America and the Caribbean.

SAM ‘s debut will be in a new marketing strategy , available on digital channels from May 9 throughout Latin America, including Central America, the Caribbean, Ecuador and Venezuela.

As the star of Samsung’s first regional marketing campaign in Latin America focused on the SmartThings app, SAM will first introduce Galaxy S22 connectivity with the new The Freestyle . Additionally, SAM will continue to explore more Samsung connected products as the campaign progresses.

The Samsung ecosystem includes mobile phones, laptops, accessories, TVs, washing machines, air conditioners and much, much more. Internet-connected devices that together provide solutions that make life easier for consumers everywhere and anywhere, all controlled through the SmartThings app.

SAM will demonstrate how simple and amazing it is to have the Samsung ecosystem in your life. She will interact, give advice and help consumers select the best Samsung product. Stay connected on Samsung social media channels and meet SAM: ,

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