There are not a few companies that, at this point, have opted for the folding ones. One of the first to launch a commercial model was Motorola with its revival of the mythical Razr (which, it seems, will return shortly in high-end form) and it is precisely Motorola that concerns us today, since it has been leaked that is working on his first roll-up mobile .

The origin of the leak is Evan Blass (aka EvLeaks), one of the most reputable leakers in the world of smartphones. According to the leaker, this device is in a very early stage of development and its code name is ” Felix “. Little is known about him, but there are some other interesting things.

In the field of folding mobiles, there are two aspects: making a large mobile even larger ( Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 , for example) and making a normal mobile more compact and portable. That was Motorola’s proposal with its Razr and it seems that it will continue to be so with its roller .

The rollable models/concepts we’ve seen to date, see the OPPO X 2021 and the LG Rollable (which will never be anymore ), expand sideways. They are big mobiles that get bigger. “Felix”, meanwhile, will expand vertically , says EvLeaks.

According to Blass, the “Felix’s” motorized screen is coiled on a spindle at the bottom and facing backwards. It will pull up, ” about a third of your screen “, so the device will get taller, not wider.

That opens up several options, but the most interesting is that the phone is squarer when in compact form factor and becomes a full-size phone when unrolled . In this way, the mobile would take up less space in the pocket and marry Motorola’s portable philosophy.

In any case, EvLeaks affirms that the device is in an early phase of its development and that Motorola, because it does not have, does not have a working prototype , so it is likely that, if launched, it will take a year or more to arrive. . We will have to wait.

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