Samsung announces details of new 108-megapixel sensor “ISOCELL HM3” –GLM

Samsung announces details of new 108-megapixel sensor “ISOCELL HM3” –GLM

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Samsung Korea has released the details of the new image sensor “ISOCELL HM3” for smartphones with 108 million pixels.

The third generation ISOCELL HM3, following ISOCELL HM1 and ISOCELL HM2. The size of the image sensor is 1 / 1.33 inch, and the pixel size is 0.8 μm, which is slightly larger than ISOCELL HM2 (equivalent to ISOCELL HM1).


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The shooting function has also been enhanced. For example, in the “Super PD Plus”, the measurement accuracy has been improved by 50% by enhancing the phase difference autofocus function. In addition, “Smart ISO Pro”, which captures both high ISO and low ISO frames, combines 12-bit color depth and low noise images to significantly reduce motion artifacts (blurring).

In addition, the technology that uses a total of 9 pixels, 3 pixels vertically and horizontally, as 1 pixel with high sensitivity will continue to be available from the previous generation sensor.

Mass production of the ISOCELL HM3 has already begun, and it is also installed in the just-announced premium smartphone “Galaxy S21 Ultra.” It is also expected to be installed in premium smartphones of other companies in the future.

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