Anno 1800: Update 9.3 announced, “soon” more details about Season 3

Anno 1800: Update 9.3 announced, “soon” more details about Season 3

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“In the meantime the Anno team is back to work after a relaxing break over the holidays and we are working with renewed vigor on Anno 1800 and Season 3”, writes Blue Byte in a current blog entry. They had already confirmed in November of last year that the developers want to add additional expansions to the building game in 2021. For Season 3, three add-ons have been announced once again, which are intended to expand the gaming experience of Anno 1800. It has been confirmed so far that the third season is a kind of “return home after your adventures in the Arctic and Enbesa”. A new region is not planned for the new season.

It is not known which add-ons Anno 1800 players can look forward to. In the blog entry, the developers comment: “We are looking forward to sharing more details with you soon, what we have planned for 2021 – but until then you will have to be patient.” It remains to be seen at what point in time Blue Byte will reveal the secrets of Season 3 of Anno 1800. The wording suggests, however, that further information can only be expected in a few weeks. One thing is certain: the developers are currently working on the Anno 1800 Update 9.3. (buy now 31.94 € / 53.99 €)

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Year 1800: 4 GB update 9.2 for download – patch notes with the changes

Blue Byte releases the Anno 1800 Update 9.2. The patch is available for download on the individual platforms. That’s in it. Anno 1800: Update 9.2 is on the way - date for the new patchPC

Year 1800: Update 9.2 is on the way – date for the new patch

Blue Byte announces the Anno 1800 Update 9.2. The next patch will be available for download next Tuesday.

Among other things, the patch should contain a fix for all players “who are currently missing their Ubisoft Connect rewards”. Blue Byte does not specify a period for the new update. It is also unclear what further optimizations the upcoming patch will make. We’ll keep you up to date in our news area. There you can also find out all the details about the DLCs from Season 2 that were released last year. At the end of October 2020, Land of the Lions appeared, the largest expansion for the building game to date.

Anno 1800: Trailer for Season Pass 3 – new expansions appear in 2021

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