Facebook Messenger is now available on Oculus Quest.App Lab for developers is also available-GLM

Facebook Messenger Is Now Available on Oculus Quest. App Lab for Developers Is Also Available

Facebook launched software updates for the VR headset Oculus Quest and Quest 2

With this update, you can use Facebook Messenger in VR by logging in to Oculus Quest or Quest 2 with your Facebook account. It also provides an App Lab that allows developers to deliver apps to users without the approval of the app store.

First of all, the messenger function is that you can simply use Facebook Messenger without removing the VR headset. Even if your friends aren’t using VR, you can always stay in touch if you can use Messenger on your PC or smartphone.


When sending a message from within VR, you can enter characters using a virtual keyboard, as well as enter characters created in advance or use voice character conversion. Of course, you can also use the chat function, and you can also use it to create an Oculus Party with Messenger members and play games together.

Facebook has announced that it will require a Facebook account login to use Oculus after 2023. There have been many criticisms about this, but it seems that there is also an aim to appeal the integration merit as much as possible by making messenger available in VR.

We’ve also added an App Lab that allows developers to deliver apps to users without the approval of the app store. Until now, when performing beta testing of an app under development, it was necessary to introduce it by side loading etc., but such trouble can be saved.

Also, if you want to make it available only to specific users such as closed beta, you can also send the key directly to the target user.

Software updates with these features are currently being rolled out gradually. As usual, it may take some time to reach all users.

Rachel Maga
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