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What Andy Jassy’s Promotion to Amazon CEO Means

The big news that Jeff Bezos will retire from Amazon’s CEO position was announced by the company on the afternoon of February 2nd. Amazon is a company that Bezos started in the garage and grew into a big company in the world. AWS CEO Andy Jassy will take over as Bezos becomes chairman of the board.

When Jassie takes up a new position, the question is who will lead AWS. Let’s start the game. Rumor has it that AWS Vice President of Global Infrastructure, Peter DeSantis, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Garman. Both are members of Bezos’ elite executive team, known as the S team, and it’s no wonder which one is behind Jassy. No one knows for sure, but it could be an internal person or an external person. A few months away, Amazon wasn’t ready to comment on its successor.

Holger Mueller, senior analyst at Constellation Research, is rewarded for Jasie’s illustrious achievements in growing AWS from a small side business to a $ 50 billion run rate. Talk to you. “Financially, it makes sense to appoint an executive who is familiar with Amazon’s most lucrative business. AWS operates in a highly competitive market, Jasie. The nomination guarantees that the new Amazon CEO won’t break the “golden egg-laying goose,” Mueller told me.

Alex Smith, vice president of cloud infrastructure markets at analytics firm Canalys, said there were signs that the transfer was underway. “This has been going on for some time. Jasie is Amazon’s second external figure and has led one of the company’s most successful divisions. Bezos remains strong while remaining strong. You can complete your CEO role and focus on many other ventures, “Smith said.

He also said the move would strengthen AWS’s position within Amazon. “I think it’s more about AWS’s weight in terms of increasing its strategic importance to Amazon’s future than the loss of Andy as a direct leader. He keeps an eye on AWS. Let’s do it. ”

Gartner analyst Ed Anderson also believes that Jassie’s successor to Bezos is a clear choice. “Amazon is a company that has been driven by technology innovation. That’s what Andy has been doing on AWS for years, and he has an amazing track record of building and running a fairly large business. It’s worth noting that, under Andy’s leadership, AWS has grown to be one of the world’s largest tech companies and one of the most influential companies in defining the future of computing. I did, “Anderson said.

According to the quarterly financial results announced on February 2, AWS sales were $ 12.74 billion, an increase of 28% from $ 9.6 billion in the same period of the previous year. This brought the run rate to $ 50 billion. No other cloud infrastructure company, even the all-purpose company Microsoft, is as good as AWS in this division. AWS has a market share of about 33%, while Microsoft has about 20%.

I don’t know how the change of top will affect the company as a whole, especially AWS. In some respects, it seems that Larry Ellison retired from Oracle’s CEO position in 2014 to take up the chairmanship. While Safra Catz and Mark Hurd took over as co-CEOs, Ellison continued to be deeply involved in the company he was involved in. It is reasonable to assume that Mr Bezos will do the same.

Jassie joined the company in 1997 after graduating from college and earning an MBA from Harvard, after which he moved up. He became a VP / Technical Assistant in 2002 and worked directly with Bezos. When I was in that business, I began to discover the need for a common web service for Amazon developers to use. The idea grew to AWS, and Jasie became the VP of the new division and was appointed CEO in 2016.

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