Apple would prepare a Podcast Service via Subscription

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Podcasts have been around for a long time, but they have been democratized relatively recently, especially thanks to music streaming platforms. Apple might be interested.

Today there are many ways to consume content on the web. Besides the classic text and video, there is an increasingly popular format, that of the podcast. Specialized platforms are booming, music streaming services have taken to it and very soon, Apple could position itself on this niche.

Soon a podcast service via subscription at Apple?

Currently, podcasts that can be listened to from Apple are free. That being said, to better compete with Spotify and to attract more podcasters to its platform, it seems that the Cupertino company is preparing the launch of its own podcast service via subscription. At least that’s what The Information thinks it knows.

That’s what The Information thinks it knows

Apple has long offered users to listen to podcasts through its Podcast app available on both iOS and Mac. That being said, and despite the fact that these applications have been around for all this time, the Cupertino company has never really tried to monetize this service. If this report is true, this could change soon with the arrival of a new service via subscription.

Podcasts have been gaining popularity in recent years, and Spotify recently made a huge acquisition by convincing the very famous Joe Rogan to create podcasts exclusive to the platform. By monetizing podcasts, the apple brand could encourage more podcasters to create podcasts and join Apple’s platform.

Apple could also offer a “premium” offer in which certain podcasts would only be accessible via a subscription. The Cupertino company already has a number of subscription-based services, so it wouldn’t be surprising to add an additional one. No one knows when such a service would launch, if at all, but the announcement could take place as early as WWDC 2021 which is expected to take place around June.

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