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Coronavirus in Spain live today: Restrictions, Curfew and Confinement in Madrid

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According to the latest results collected in the ‘IV Barometer on Self-care of the Spanish population‘prepared by PiC Solution, 72.4% of Spaniards are more concerned about their health as a result of the pandemic.

Spaniards have become aware not only of the transmission of COVID-19, but they have also made sure to carry a more exhaustive control of your health levels. Thus, 45.3% controlled temperature more (this being a possible symptom of Covid-19), 26.1% weight (obesity being associated with a prognosis of the disease) and 23.2% of those surveyed the tension (hypertension being a risk factor). On the contrary, 33.4% say that they do not care about their health levels.

Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are the ones who mostly say they have a check on your body temperature since the start of the pandemic (54.7%), while from 55 years of age the percentage that says they carry it of their weight and tension increases. In this way, among those aged 65 or over, 38.9% say they control their blood pressure more exhaustively and 32.5% their weight.

Among the different Autonomous Communities, those who to a greater extent say that they have more exhaustive control of their temperature since the beginning of the pandemic are those surveyed from Madrid (58.5%), by weight, those from the Balearic Islands (37.5%) and Castilla La Mancha (37.4%) and tension those of Catalonia (29.7%), Andalusia (29.4%) and Madrid (29.2%). On the contrary, those of Aragon (42.9%) and the Canary Islands (42.0%) are the ones who are more carefree.

According to the study, the Spanish population has done its homework: more than 80% of Spaniards claim to wear a mask to protect themselves, even in social and family relationships; 64.7% avoid leaving the house and 74.7% limit the social groups in which to interact. In addition, 72.9% use disinfectants and hydroalcoholic gels continuously, a measure implemented in most public establishments and that more than half of the population is used to using regularly.

42.1% of Spaniards usually find information on the internet about self-care and 11.6% have started to do so as a result of the pandemic. Also, when it comes to search health information, 52.3% of Spaniards choose to do it through professional blogs, 50.2% in professional pages and about 20% in brand and laboratory websites.

Melissa Galbraith
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