The use of red flags as an alert or danger message has become viral not only on Twitter, but on Facebook and TikTok.

Many times in different social networks a song, a message, an emoticon and in general a trend begin to go viral. However, some users do not realize what this message is about and why it is spreading so fast.

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This is the case of the ‘red flags’ or ‘red flags’ that have been taken over by social networks, mainly from Twitter and TikTok, where users share videos saying: “’ red flags’ when …” or “’red flags’ ‘to run away from there ”. Many will be lost with that message and do not understand the context well.

Well, the origin of the red flags is not new and even dates back to times when we were not even thinking about what the internet is, much less what a social network is. In 1789, in France, many people used flags of this color to indicate revolution or freedom, in addition to having a warning use, that something dangerous is approaching.

However, in recent days this message was used again but on social networks, where people use them to indicate that there is a danger of encountering something harmful, toxic, dangerous or others. Referring to different relationships, whether couples, friends or even work.

On TikTok, several videos have been shared warning attitudes that indicate a ‘red flag’ in a case in which two people are just getting to know each other. “’Red flags’ on a person: who treats badly the service (people in charge of customer service); that I arrive late; just tell you compliments about your body and your physique ”, is one of the videos circulating on this platform.

Twitter update

Twitter has introduced in the platform the possibility of eliminating a follower without this person being notified , a function that was already announced at the end of September, and which is available to all users from this Monday.

Users can review and clean their list of followers on Twitter with a new option available globally in the web version, where the company began testing it in early September.

The characteristic of this novelty is that the person that the user decides to delete as a follower will not be notified, nor does it require blocking . However, if you decide to visit the user’s profile, then you will see that they no longer follow you.

The company has reported this news on its Twitter Support profile. A few days ago it also announced another feature in testing, a notification that will alert the user if the conversation they are about to join may raise its pitch and become “intense.”

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