TikTok, the popular social media platform, has unveiled a new feature that will offer its users greater flexibility and efficiency for content creation.

The company has announced its Direct Posting API, which allows users to post content directly from approved third-party applications.

TikTok will allow direct posting from Twitch

The new Direct Posting API is an extension of an already known function, “Share on TikTok”, and offers a number of new features and possibilities. Initial partners for this API include well-known names such as Adobe, Twitch and Blackmagic Design, makers of the renowned video editing software Davinci Resolve, among others.

By collaborating with these established software providers, TikTok aims to enhance the creative experience of its users.

This innovative API empowers content creators in a number of ways. It allows them to create drafts, configure subtitles, adjust audience settings and schedule or publish content directly from compatible third-party applications.

Although the main focus is on videos in the initial release, TikTok has hinted that support for photo content is on the horizon, ensuring an even more diverse range of creative possibilities for its users.

List of partners may grow in the future

The list of third-party software supporting this feature at launch includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Express, CapCut (which is owned by ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company), DaVinci Resolve, SocialPilot and Twitch.

However, TikTok is guaranteeing the quality and security of its ecosystem by subjecting developer partners to an auditing process before they can use the API. This approach aims to maintain the platform’s high standards with regard to content and user experience.

TikTok’s Direct Posting API comes at a time when publishing content in real time has become increasingly important for creators of all skill levels.

With the growing demand for efficient and flexible content creation tools, this feature is sure to be a game changer for TikTok’s user base.

Deepa Subramaniam, Vice President of Marketing at Adobe Creative Cloud, emphasized the importance of such tools in today’s creative landscape. She mentioned that creators need to produce content quickly without interrupting their creative workflow.

“Now more than ever, publishing content in real time has become a necessity, and creators of all skill levels need tools that can empower them more efficiently and without restrictions. With the new Direct Publish feature for TikTok available in Adobe Express and Premiere Pro, creators can continue to create exceptional content, but faster and without adding more interruptions to their creative workflows.”

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