The Facebook algorithm will prioritize video content more

The Facebook algorithm will prioritize video content more

Video content has been growing in relevance in recent times and Facebook has detected this trend, so they have decided to promote video content ahead of other types of content, such as news or the bulletin in the form of a newsletter that It is also part of the social network.

Video sets a trend on social networks and Facebook begins to promote it, to the detriment of News and Bulletins

Since the proliferation of YouTube as a reference platform for sharing and watching videos, no other similar phenomenon had occurred until the arrival of TikTok, a social network that in a short time has reached one billion users and that with its short videos and its challenges Viral content has managed to set the trend, to the point that Instagram (which, along with Facebook and WhatsApp, is part of parent company Meta) has evolved to respond with its own short video offering.

Now it has become known that in a recent communication to his employees, Campbell Brown, a Facebook executive, has exposed the need to vary the priorities in terms of the type of content to which to dedicate more development time. And he has won the video at the expense of news and newsletters. The purpose from Facebook is to reallocate resources in a way that reinforces the commitment of the social network with the community of content creators, ensuring that the audience can be increased and the communities can grow.

The News and Newsletter sections arose to aggregate selected content from important media outlets (the first) and to deal with platforms like Substack (the second), offering these services within the Facebook ecosystem.

Now, and given the analysis of the preferences of Internet users, Facebook would also be modifying its main algorithm so that the user’s walls adopt an aspect more similar to that of TikTok, very focused on the aspect of video content rather than on the Information updates from friends you follow on the social network. Hence, content such as News or Bulletin go to a secondary level.

In addition, the news comes after Facebook changed the way it displays its content. Since yesterday, in the mobile applications of the social network, a new tab can be found, called “News”, which allows you to see the contents of friends, groups and Pages in chronological order.

Rachel Maga
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