Instagram adds new templates and tools to simplify the creation of Reels

Instagram adds new templates and tools to simplify the creation of Reels

Instagram is full of tools for Reels. Creating Reels has never been easier.

Meta has introduced new tools to provide new ways to collaborate with others using Reels as part of its strategy to better compete with TikTok. For starters, it is now possible to edit more than videos, photos are thus accessible, on Instagram.

The company has added more Remix templates, including green screen, split screen, and picture-in-picture reaction view, to make it easier to put your spin on an existing Reel. Additionally, you can choose to add your own remix to the end of the original Reel rather than having it playing alongside. This format sometimes works best.

Instagram is full of tools for Reels

In addition, Meta offers new templates to facilitate the creation of Reels with preloaded audio and video effects. Then just add your photo or video. You can view the collection of templates by tapping the camera icon in the Reels tab.

Another feature making it a real competitor to TikTok is the ability to record with the front and back cameras simultaneously, via Instagram’s camera.

Creating Reels has never been easier

Finally, Meta confirmed a leak: all videos posted on Instagram and lasting less than 15 minutes will become Reels. Videos of less than 90 seconds can be recommended on the app and will therefore reach a wider audience.

But you don’t have to worry about becoming popular if you don’t want to be, Instagram won’t use your Reels as a recommendation if your profile is private.

And the platform will not automatically convert your old videos. This feature will be deployed in the coming weeks and will also allow you to group all your videos and your Reels in a single tab of the app.

A few days ago, Instagram also introduced a feature that allows influencers to earn money with their Reels. Creators can now share to their paid subscribers only. Meta had promised creators that it wouldn’t take any commissions until 2024, but placing Reels behind paid access in this way allows creators to earn money.

Company executives had said they intended to monetize Reels as early as the second half of 2022. No doubt more such features will appear very soon.

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