Tesla cars will allow you to play Steam video games

Tesla cars will allow you to play Steam video games

The AMD microchips that the Tesla car system has offer a power similar to that of a Sony PlayStation 5 console , and in fact, among the entertainment offered on board these electric vehicles is that passengers can be entertained with some video games, but now the company’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk, is more ambitious than that.

The options to run games on Teslas are only available when the car is completely stopped

Through his Twitter account, his usual means of communication and social network that he could be forced to buy , Musk has announced that Tesla is working on developing the necessary capabilities to be able to play platform games from the car itself. online Steam , at least on some of its titles.

The first games available from the large central screen located on the Tesla console, both as a control center for car functions and as an entertainment center, were nothing more than an Easter egg . It was in October 2018 when the users of these cars discovered the presence of some classic video games from the Atari catalog.

Over time, successive software updates added new titles , such as the famous “Sonic the Hedgehog”, but this same year 2022 Musk advanced that in the future Tesla passengers could play titles such as the recently released “Cyberpunk 2077” or “The Witcher.”

It was pointed out as a “long-term” project and specifically pointed to the titles available through the Steam platform, an online store that allows access to a huge catalog of titles from all studios and developers. Many of the games it contains are free but it also allows you to buy others or access digital copies of those that have already been purchased in physical format.

The truth is that Tesla seems to have gotten to work and access to Steam games could be available as soon as this month of August . If so, this summer the Tesla could become a particular video console, although with an important limitation, derived from the safety precautions at the wheel.

And it is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA for its acronym in English), a US agency that oversees road traffic safety, at the time prevented Tesla from offering some benefits of the entertainment system on board while the vehicle is running . And one of them is to run video games.

Thus, these can only work when the car is completely stopped , so that not even the passengers can activate it and its use is reduced to the times when the car is parked or while the battery recharging process lasts.