A few months ago we told you that Instagram was preparing its own version of Patreon. That’s right, internally in the social network, you can access exclusive content from your favorite creators. Of course, you will have to pay some bills to get a subscription. Today, we see new features coming to this new service.

This has been commented by Adam Mosseri, responsible for Instagram, on his Twitter profile. Here he claims that this subscription method is extended today to the publication of photos and Reels. According to Mosseri himself, this has been one of the most requested functions by content creators on the social network, and it’s finally here.

The latter arrive under the name of Suscriber Reels and Suscriber Posts. Until now, Instagram only allowed you to create exclusive Stories and Directs for your subscribers, but it has finally received a big update. The best is that It is not the only novelty that the platform arrives.

New improvements to Instagram subscription features

Now, creators will not only be able to upload images, videos and exclusive Reels for their subscribers. Also, Subscribe Chats have also been added to the social network. With this feature, you can talk to up to 30 subscribers through a sticker that you can upload to Stories. In it, followers who have a subscription will be able to interact more with their favorite creators.

Also a new section called Subscribe Home has been launched. With the latter, subscribers will be able to access all the content uploaded for them through a specific area of ​​your profile. Almost as if you were entering to see the Reels or photos in which you have been tagged, you will find a new tab with a crown icon.

At this time, these subscription features are not available to everyone. only some creators selected by Instagram, and residents of the United StatesThey can be part of the program. If you meet these requirements, you can apply different rates to your subscription methods.

We think it’s a great idea that Instagram allows a lot of content creators to generate money for the platform. After all, the company derives its income from the millions of people who use it every day; His thing would be to allow people to also see a reward if they meet the requirements. The best thing is that it won’t be until 2024 that Instagram takes a cut in commissions with this feature, so at this time creators can earn the gross of what they have generated.

The latter, in turn, seems a strategy to compete with other major platforms like TikTok. With these benefits to creators, Instagram is likely hoping that many will decide to opt for its platform, rather than the competition.

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