EA talks about the leak that Skate 4 suffered

EA talks about the leak that Skate 4 suffered

This delivery is still a real secret, although news is expected soon, so we have to stay tuned. If you remember, some time ago a pre-alpha gameplay of Skate 4 was leaked and now EA has replied about this making his position clear: «it was never designed for external use.

In addition to that, they also remind us to be careful when downloading files from websites. And emphasizing the possible consequences for breaking EA’s terms of service. Definitely a touchy subject although we know that leaks will continue to happen forever.

EA responds to Skate 4 leak

Many people are attentive to the news about this new game, because after so many years the most fanatic players of this franchise they are wanting to know something that has to do with this new installment of Skate 4. Here are the words of the company:

We are aware that an earlier version of the game was distributed without our permission. This version is from September 2021 and was never intended for external use. While we understand that you’re excited to enjoy the game, we recommend that you be careful when downloading files from unknown sources (and we remind you of the possible consequences of violating EA’s Terms of Service). The best way to get a chance to play is by signing up for Skate.Insider Playtesting.

As you can see we have the opportunity to register for the tests they are doing, although for now it seems that they are only available for PC. But don’t worry, the intention of the company is extend this to all platforms. Meanwhile we will be attentive to new news to bring you the information as soon as possible. Are you looking forward to Skate 4 coming to your console?

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