Chat with yourself on WhatsApp: how to use it


We explain step by step how to use the new WhatsApp function that allows you to create a conversation with yourself to be able to use the application as a notepad that you can access from any computer

From now on, WhatsApp will allow its users to send messages to themselves in such a way that they can have a kind of personal agenda in which they can save ideas or files. This is a new feature that is still in full deployment and should be available worldwide in the coming months.

An important aspect of this function is that by storing the messages in the chat, the user can later search for the information through the search panel that the application incorporates. This is in addition to the fact that the conversation will be available on multiple platforms, because the person can access it both from their phone and from a computer using WhatsApp Web, or the desktop variant.

While the possibility of users creating chats with themselves is novel in WhatsApp, this has been available for some time on other platforms such as Telegram. In the case of this messaging app, the option it offers is simply called “Saved Messages”.

To chat with yourself on WhatsApp, the first step that users must follow is to start the application and press the chat-shaped button located in the lower right corner of the screen. This will redirect you to a new screen where you should select the “contact” with whom you want to start the new conversation.

At this point, the person must click on the magnifying glass button located at the top of the screen and type in their own name in the text box that will open next.

Another option is to view the list of contacts that appear on the screen and select directly from there the “Contact”. Doing so will start a new chat in which the contact name that will appear is the person’s name and between parentheses will say “You”.

At this point, the user can start writing the messages they want in the chat. Note that when sending and receiving messages, the person will not receive any notifications on their phone, as is the case when chatting with other users.

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