WhatsApp paid attention and listened to its users. The messaging application will launch a new function that will allow us to find messages by date; this is what is known so far

One of the things that WhatsApp users have wanted for a long time to be incorporated into the application was that there was a filter to more easily search for a specific message within their chats.

At this moment, in each conversation there is a tool, a magnifying glass, through which, as in any search engine, you can write a keyword so that it is searched for in your messages, something that many do not find entirely useful given the endless of possibilities that there are to find a specific piece of information.

But everything seems to indicate that the developers of WhatsApp have listened to the requests of the users on this specific topic, since it has been leaked that a new test version of said app for iOS devices ( has the option to search for a specific message by date.

How would you find messages by date sent by WhatsApp

The first thing to do is open a chat; then press on the name of the contact or group and touch the “Search” option. The keyboard will just appear but above it there is an icon in the shape of a calendar and a magnifying glass.

When you choose this option, it will display a calendar in which you can choose the day, month and year in which you want a specific message to be searched.

At the moment, this WhatsApp tool is available in the beta version of the iPhone and will soon be coming to Android.

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