Texas spent $9 million transporting immigrants over the holidays


According to public records, Greg Abbott’s immigrant bus program cost the Texas Division of Emergency Management nearly $9 million in the last two months of 2022.

Sending immigrants on buses to different sanctuary cities by Governor Greg Abbott cost the Texas Emergency Management Division $8.97 million during the November and December 2022 holidays, Insider reported, who had access to the public records request.
The last shipment of 2022 by Abbott was on Christmas when three buses full of immigrants arrived outside the home of Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington, DC; all of them in T-shirts, abandoned in the middle of strong gusts of wind and below freezing temperatures.

Since the controversial program began in April 2022, which has been labeled by the White House as a political trick, it has generated a cost of $29 million.
The public records obtained by the aforementioned media indicate that Abbott’s bus program for immigrants, which is nothing more than a form of rebuke against the Biden Administration for not securing the border, included dozens of people seeking asylum, mostly Nicaraguans, Cubans and Venezuelans.

“The real cost to consider is that of the small border towns of Texas that are overwhelmed and overwhelmed as the Biden Administration throws immigrants into their communities,” Eze said in a statement.

Abbott has sold his program as part of a “relief” to the stress experienced by border cities in the migration crisis and in November 2022 he said he would continue with his plan until President Joe Biden addressed the “invasion along the border.”
According to the Governor of Texas, all immigrants who are transported to different sanctuary cities do so voluntarily, however, his program has been heavily criticized by authorities and immigrant advocates because it does not give advance notice about the arrival of immigrants, causing “unnecessary crises for political purposes.”

Melissa Galbraith
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