Georgina Rodríguez

Georgina Rodríguez and the expensive $60,000 outfit with which she visited an amusement park

Georgina Rodríguez

Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife, Georgina Rodríguez, wore a luxurious look valued at thousands of dollars. The occasion? a family outing

The socialite and influencer Georgina Rodríguez set fashion during her family visit to an amusement park in Riyadh. Of course, the Internet users were surprised with each of the pieces that she used for said adventure, because together, she would add a little more than $ 64,000 dollars.
From her official account on her Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife gave a taste of the family getaway that she undertook a few days ago during her stay in Riyadh. It was about various postcards in the part that amusements ‘Winter Wonderland’ where she and the rest of her family pose very smiling from various attractions.

Georgina Rodríguez did not miss the opportunity to impose fashion and splurge elegance in the amusement park, for which she wore an outfit that would exceed $64,000 dollars, that is, one million Mexican pesos.
Said look consisted of high leather boots with a “stiletto” heel from the Italian brand Le Silla, with a price that is around $1,204 dollars according to FarFetch.

Likewise, Georgina showed off her ‘hourglass’ figure in skinny gray jeans and a white long-sleeved turtleneck blouse. These garments were accompanied by a two-tone black and white jacket from the firm Cayet. Said coat belongs to her Number Two line and would cost $1,585 dollars.

However, the garment that raised the cost of her outfit to the stars was the luxurious bag that she carried for the occasion. We are talking about the Birkin handbag with a crocodile leather finish and a padlock from the Hermès fashion house.
And it is that according to the Farfetch page, whoever wants to buy this piece should pay 60 thousand 251 dollars, this is because it is a model that the brand stopped producing.

It should be noted that her visit to this amusement park occurred after the family moved to Saudi Arabia as a result of the renowned Portuguese striker signing with the Al-Nassr soccer team.

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